Why Blanket Is Used to Extinguish Fire: Important Information About Fire Blankets

Fires are one of the situations that can occur at any moment. Although it is the least desired condition, there is always a risk of fire. It is known that fires caused by electrical cables, unwanted problems caused by leakage frequently occur especially in workplaces and houses. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that most people know about the fire. Although there is a risk of fire, it can be overcome with minimal damage by precautions that can be taken beforehand. First of all, it is essential to regularly maintain electrical installations and all parts that create fire risks, especially in areas with high energy usage. Apart from this, the presence of fire products is among the measures that increase life safety. When it comes to fire equipment, fire extinguishers usually come to mind. However, a fire blanket is a life-saving product during a fire.

The fire blanket is produced from a special textured fabric. When it is thrown on the burning place, it stops contact with air and extinguishes the fire. Air is one of the most important reasons for the growth of the fire. When the fire does not breathe, it goes out in a short time. The fire blanket is also used to escape the burning area. During the escape from the fire, the burning pieces are likely to rupture and directly affect living beings. By entering under the fire blanket, you can get away from the environment without being affected by them. The fire blanket has a special non-flammable structure. However, many fabrics quickly catch fire during a fire. The use of a fire blanket varies according to the area covered by the fire.

First of all, it should be noted that the fire blanket is not directly used to extinguish a fire. It exists mostly for fire protection and to eliminate small fires. In small flames, the blanket thrown on the flame prevents the fire from growing. Thus, material and moral damages are minimized. It is also used when there is a need to escape from fire. The fire blanket is very simple to use. There are also details on how to use the blanket at the time of purchase. By following these operating instructions, maximum safety is ensured during the fire. The fire blanket is as important as fire extinguishers in terms of both occupational safety and personal safety. Regardless of the risk of fire, all businesses must have a fire blanket. These products, also known as fireproof blankets, are one of the factors that ensure occupational safety. Fire blankets are not only available for workplaces. It is also advantageous to purchase fire blankets for homes.

During a small fire, the fire is extinguished by covering the blanket directly over the burning area. Unconsciously doing the extinguishing work with other materials often causes the fire to grow even more. Using quality materials in the production of fire blankets also increases the effect of these blankets. This means that the place where blankets are provided is at least as important as itself. The better quality of the blanket, the higher the effect.

What is Fire Blanket, How is It Used?

Fire blankets are safety materials designed to extinguish the fire in the small starting phase. In the fire blanket, glass fiber or non-flammable glass fiber or carbon fiber materials with higher heat resistance are used as a structure. When using a fire blanket, it can be easily extinguished by placing over a burning object and covering it tightly, preventing its contact with air. In this way, the growth of the fire is prevented. The fire blanket is made of woven fiberglass fabric. It is packaged in a transparent bag with two grip pockets, a surface made of glass fiber, gray and sewn and folded. The general purpose is used to extinguish the fire starts, by extinguishing and burning the fire materials by extinguishing and rescuing from the fire environment. The standard size in fire blankets is 1600 * 2000mm. It can be manufactured in the desired sizes. This product, which attaches importance to fire safety and human life, is recommended to be used to safely escape from the fire environment, Molotov fires, fuel autogas stations, vehicles carrying dangerous goods, and residences and hotels.

This fire retardant material is covered over the flames to form a suffocating layer. Small fire blankets are usually made of glass fiber and sometimes called Kevlar fabric for use at home in the kitchen and are stored in layers so that they can be easily opened. Large fire blankets are for use in the laboratory, industrial facilities. It is usually made of wool (sometimes used with a fire retardant liquid). These blankets are usually mounted in vertical containers that are easy to open. So it is easily removed and hugs the burning person. Three items must be available to light a fire; heat, fuel, and oxygen. A fire blanket is either wrapped in the burning object or placed over the burning object, and a solid object is covered on it. If the blanket is placed or wrapped over the burning object, the oxygen supply is cut off. The fire blanket is produced in accordance with the relevant standards and is certified by independent accredited organizations. The fire blanket is available in various sizes and provides many benefits in combating fire. Fire Blanket is produced from asbestos-free glass fiber fabric. Fire blankets are offered in bags for local and industrial use. Thanks to the special fabric used, it cuts off the contact of the region with oxygen and extinguishes small fires without growing. Some of the usage areas of fire blankets are:

At the beginning of the fire, it is thrown on the flame and extinguished,
People trapped in the fire hug and move away from the fire environment,
It is used for wrapping the equipment that needs to be saved from the fire.

Fire blankets are suitable for use in different areas such as factories, laboratories, hotels, hospitals, schools, fuel stations, transportation vehicles, shops, restaurants, cars, offices. Fire blankets are produced in compliance with standards as well as being certified. Fire Blankets are made of one piece of fabric and high-temperature resistant sewing thread is used in its production. Fire blankets are made of high-temperature-resistant fabric holding pockets that provide ease of use. Its fabric is woven with anti-slip curls from the surface it is wrapped. It is offered for sale in its original bag, which can be hung practically in the usage environment, with the instructions for use written on it. They are produced from special curl textured glass fiber fabric. Usually, they are 160 x 180 cm, 90 x 150 cm, and special sizes. It can be produced in different sizes upon request.

Properties of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are produced in accordance with relevant standards and are certified from independent accredited organizations. The fire blanket is available in various sizes and provides many benefits in combating fire. Fire blankets are made of asbestos-free glass fiber fabric. Fire blankets are offered in bags for local and industrial use. Thanks to the special fabric used, it cuts off the contact of the region with oxygen and extinguishes small fires without growing. It is used for the extinguishing of the fire by throwing it on the flame at the beginning of the fire, for the people trapped in the fire to get away from the fire environment and for the evacuation of the equipment that should be saved from the fire.

Fire blankets are suitable for use in different areas such as factories, laboratories, hotels, hospitals, schools, fuel stations, transportation vehicles, shops, restaurants, cars, offices. Fire blanket must be present in all environments where there is a risk of fire.

Fire blankets are used when:

  • In extinguishing the fire (at the beginning), putting out the fire by disconnecting it from the air,
  • At the time of escape from the fire,
  • In the recovery of important materials in case of fire.

Among the features of fire blankets are the following:

  • It is made of imported flat woven glass fiber fabric.
  • It is used for extinguishing by burning on the burning materials with escape and rescue operations from the burning area.
  • There are retaining rings on both ends of the cover.
  • The user can easily open the cover using these holding rings.
  • Suitable for wall hanging with carrying bag.

Thanks to the holding pockets on the sides of the fire blanket, it provides convenience during the escape or fire extinguishing.
Thanks to its wall-hung bag, the fire blanket can be accessed very quickly in emergency situations.

Fire Blanket Usage Areas

Fire blankets are used in the industry, in repair, renovation, insulation, etc. works, in the defense industry, land, sea and air vehicles, civilian facilities and areas, military and civilian VIP vehicles, for security forces and armored vehicles, in the ceiling-floor-under-seat underlay coatings, and for fire and heat insulation. It is used against fire and burning. It is essential to use in school class floors and canteens, dormitories, kitchens, boiler rooms, and generator rooms of hospitals, hotels, etc. Apart from these, the usage areas of the fire blanket are as follows:

  • In restaurants, cafes, tea stoves, oil frying stoves, commercial vehicles, public transportation vehicles, and taxis,
  • Fire, heat and sound insulation in theater, cinema, conference halls,
  • Construction, building, roof repair and refurbishment – jet stone and welding processes,
  • In fuel and LPG stations,
  • In vehicles carrying dangerous and chemical substances,
  • In workplaces that are in dangerous business class status,

  • In workplaces that hold flammable and combustible liquids, gases, and fuel,
  • Lpg lined vehicle tanks and luggage,
  • In environments with high heat, such as thermal power plants, foundries,
  • Construction, building, roofs where heat and flammable treatment is applied,
  • Industrial production, automotive, etc. areas,
  • In repair and renovation works,
  • It can be used as a protective curtain cover against burning and fire caused by welding and jet stone sparks.

Note: According to the house and workplace insurance policy specifications, if there is no fire kit and fire blanket, it may be the reason that the possible post-fire damage is not covered.

General Purpose Fire Blankets and Molotov Blankets

General-purpose fire blanket and Molotov blanket are used for extinguishing fire starts, safely escaping from the fire environment, rescuing sensitive devices, and extinguishing Molotov fires. General-purpose fire blanket and Molotov blanket features are:

General Purpose Fire Blanket

Product description:

  • 3mm / 350gr / m2 or 6mm / 450gr / m2.
  • It is a single layer: It is made of Carbon-T fiber.
  • The maximum width is 150cm. Unlimited stature.
  • Absolutely non-flammable, non-flammable, heatproof to the back.


  • Environment and User Friendly! does not contain asbestos, glass wool, and silica; It is made of 100% carbon fiber.
  • Fireproof and non-flammable! The minimum amount of oxygen required for ignition (L.O.I.) value is the highest fiber.
  • It is Heat Insulator! It provides superior protection against high temperatures. Due to its carbon structure, it can be used as a smoke mask in dense smoke environments.
  • With Holding Pocket! There are grab pockets that provide ease of use at the corners of the blanket with all-around overlock; it is non-slip.
  • It has a bag! Delivered in hand / back-hanging / wall-hanging polyethylene bag. (Specially designed metal or fiberglass enclosure is possible.)
  • It Is Infectious! Until medical intervention, it can be used to hug the injured body and protect it from infection.
  • Washable and Reusable! Shelf life is unlimited.

Molotov Blanket

Product description:

  • It is 3.5 mm thick and weighs 550gr / m2.
  • It has 3 layers: Carbon-T fiber, aluminized interlayer, and Carbon-T carbon fabric.
  • The maximum width is 125cm. Unlimited stature.
  • It is absolutely non-flammable and provides superior thermal insulation.


In addition to the features of the general-purpose fire blanket, the Molotov blanket has the following additional features:

  • Liquid proof! Molotov Blanket has an aluminized interlayer that prevents flammable liquid and hence flames from spreading to the other side and wrapping the rescuer. It can be used safely in personnel, goods, and vehicle fires caused by flammable liquids.
  • Airtight! Since the aluminized layer provides complete airtightness, it is the most effective fire blanket in extinguishing all kinds of fire starts.
  • Heat Proof! The aluminized interlayer also acts as an additional heat shield; prevents high heat from spreading to the back area. It provides superior protection against high temperatures.
  • It will not tear! As the fabric layer of the Molotov Blanket is resistant to stretching, the blanket’s tear-proof property is also superior. In emergency situations, it can be used as a stretcher in carrying the casualty.

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