Variety Folding For Blankets

Blankets are our heroes for the middle of the buzzy nights. We must accept that it has a very wide range of uses. Sometimes we use them while watching TV, having a picnic. Sometimes we use blankets for making a ghost costume, for making a tent or using it as a curtain, to cover our pets, for the babies and even we use them as a towel.

We used them all night long. So, what should we do when we are done with our blankets? Should we leave it at the place where we are watching TV? Or we should leave them on our bed? If you like a mess, why not! The one and the only solution of giving the end of this messing is ‘ folding ‘

Blankets have been used since ancient times and different models and styles also single and double options are produced over the years. So, firstly what do you look for when it comes to buying a blanket? Color, size or softness? Choosing the right blanket is simple, but it still needs care.

  The basic way to fold your blanket is, the easiest and the quick way

Before folding your blanket be sure it is clean. Hygiene of blankets is very important. We learn folding clothes or blankets from our mother’s plus we are learning cleaning from them when we are teenage/adult. Luckily, we are applying this precious information, for long period times of our lives.

 Now we will learn a few folding styles and techniques here for your information:

If you in a hurry, you can roll your blankets quickly or you can fold up from the middle and then fold again till it became smaller and pack away them to your wardrobe or storage. It’s soft, able to take shape, practical, simpletakes a small place and easy to do. 

On the other hand, you can fold your blankets in 5 steps as below;

 1-Put your blanket to the flat surface.
 2-Hold the right and the left corners of your blanket.
 3-Keep the shorter side of your blanket and fold through the middle. 
 4-When you fold to the middle, turn the other side of the blanket.
 5-Fold the right side then fold the left side. Then if you want you can roll the rest part. 

That’s all. This was a long way and the best way. Because when you fold your blanket like this way you can have more place in your wardrobe for other things. And easy to carry.

How to fold your blankets In 3 steps

1 -Put your blanket to the flat surface.
 2- Hold the right and the left point of your blanket.
 3- Fold and stroll it 3 or 4 times and move it to the wardrobe.
You can do the above techniques to all variety and sizes of blankets.

Another type of folding is rolling up your blankets.

  • Lay your blanket to the flat surface.
  • Hold from 2 corners of the blanket. 
  • Fold the blanket in half and unite both corners.
  • Unite the other side with the bottom corners
  • Then roll your blanket inside tightly
  • Or you can move it to the wardrobe as it is.

For the double-length blankets, you can fold as below; you will need a helping hand to fold it.

If you can not find anybody for help, here the instructions:

  • Lay your large blanket to the flat surface.
  • Fold it from 2 corners ( upside)
  • Do the same for the downside, alignment must be the same
  • Hold the upper side and fold it toward the middle.
  • Do the same for the bottom side.
  • Unite the rest.

 How we can fold our blankets in different styles?

Sometimes we have guests at our home and before we gave the room to our guests we like to decorate the bed. So by this folding technique, you can beautifully decorate the bed for your guests.

  • Lay your blanket to the flat surface.
  • Fold blanket from the middle half.
  • Fold from the left side of your blanket as the triangle shape
  • Keep folding as a triangle shape.
  • When you came middle, fold from the right side of your blanket as the triangle shape
  • The right folded triangle part will go inside the left triangle

It is very easy to ready. This triangle folded blanket could be easily used to decorate the bed for your guests.

And now we will learn a different fold style named: Flower fold:

  • Lay your blanket to the flat surface.
  • Fold blanket only from the right or left side.
  • Unite all the corners to make a small square.
  • One more time bring/unite the corners to the same point.
  • Flip the folded blanket.
  • Unite the corners to the same point to make a small square again.
  • Keep holding the center portion 
  • Slowly pull out the backends of the flowers underneath theses squares.

Try to do it carefully. It can come out so while pulling so keep pushing the center portion. It looks difficult but it is easy to apply. And you can easily decorate the beds for your guests with these blanket flowers. Your guests will love it. Sometimes where you bought the blanket, they give you a bag to put the blanket in it, you can use it, it takes up less place.

How to fold wool blanket?

  • Lay your blanket to the flat surface.
  • Fold blanket from the middle half.
  • Fold the other rest part again.
  • Unite the rest.

For camp, you can bring your blanket with you. You can lay on it, cover yourself or you can use it as a pillow. You can roll up your blanket with a sleeping pad so that it doesn’t take up much extra space into your backpack.

How to fold your blankets for your sofa?

Summer or winter, watching movies or watching anything on TV when we have a blanket on us is another pleasure. Feeling sleepy while watching movies. That’s when we feel more comfortable, more peaceful and happy. We have a blanket / Throw blanket on our couch for this kind of activity. For the sofa sets and couches in the living room, it decorates the sofa sets to protect against the dirt and seat surfaces, to provide a longer life of the seat wrap models, are among the accessories and that give your home a different style. Decorating with a blanket or throw is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your decor, change your decorations to match the season, or bring a splash of color and the feeling of comfort to any room in your home. Functional cover of the living room, which makes the living room the most special place of the house are these blankets. Blankets can be used in every corner of our house, they are great accessories plus we can use them to add a more elegant look to our sofa. It also adds a layer of texture, warmth, and casualness to any space. There are a lot of different ways to add blankets and pillows to a sofa or a chair. A throw blanket can serve as a protective barrier on cushions So, how we can fold our blankets that are on our sofa? There are a few styles of folding. For the first, you can encase your sofa,

  • Or for the orderly approach, a simple fold the blanket in thirds, and drape over the corner of the sofa tucking behind the back edge and put your cushion on it.
  • Fold your blankets in half vertically for the flip and flop method.
  • flip in half over your forearm and flop it over the back of a sofa or chair and put your cushion on it.
  • Fold your blankets in half vertically, take hold of the middle and toss in place. Keep it snappy and it always lands gracefully.

The blanket and your sofa should be coherent also important for this. The goal with a  blanket is to add texture and warmth, as well as to introduce a complementary or coordinating shade to a room’s color scheme.  When you’re decorating your home with blankets and throws anything is possible because blankets are so versatile and functional. But the important is that must appeal to the eye. You should pay attention to the color and pattern harmony before choosing the seat covers to be used as a shawl model. You can combine one or more colors sofa set with vivid spring colors and shawl models with light colors and patterns. You can also use the seat cover models, which you will use as an accessory on the sides of the seats, by spreading them throughout the seat, with the cover feature at the forefront.

If you have a red Sofa, the pink blanket on it will not match. White or cream tones on red will be much better and give a more elegant look to your house. Or if you have a grey sofa, yellow and red blanket will be better for using. It shows your living room more stylish and makes you relax. If you have dark and leather sofa sets in your home, all you need to do is to choose shawl models or seat covers in colors that will make the dark colors more aesthetic and more elegant.

On the other hand, you can use blankets as a cushion too, you can give them a variety of shape. For the ones who care home decorating this is the important information. Of course, blankets are smart on porches and decks, too. They can make your outdoor style elegant while being a practical accessory for those chilly nights. Especially wools are great outdoor fabric.

How to fold baby blankets?

A baby’s favorite blanket is a key part of their comfort and security. That’s why you should take care of your baby’s clothes when choosing a baby blanket. Another important issue to consider when choosing a baby blanket is that the blanket is not heavy. Woolen blankets can be quite heavy for your baby. Instead, blankets woven with cotton or suitable yarn were more suitable for your baby’s comfort. When choosing a baby blanket, you need to pay attention to the size. If you are going to use a small stroller, you should use a small-sized blanket. If you are going to use it on the bed you should use a little larger blanket, it will be better for your baby. Also to protect your baby from bad weather when you go out, you need to know how to wrap your baby in a blanket;

For example:

You have to meet with your friends and you can not leave your baby at home or you could not find anybody to take care of your baby. For this time, no excuses, you should take your baby with you. And if the weather is a little bit cool, you have to take baby blankets too. Before going out you need to cover your baby with a blanket. Here a practical, simple and easy way to fold your baby blanket; While you are arranging the blanket make sure your baby is in a safe place. Because babies are moving and they can be injured or fall from any place.

  After you spread the baby blanket in a diamond shape to the surface ( you can lay it on your bed or any smooth and soft place; you will put your baby on it so the place must be safety you can prefer soft surface.)

  1. Gently place your baby on the blanket.
  2. Hold your baby’s arm down straight and wrap that side of the blanket, and bring the bottom corner of the blanket straight up.
  3. Then Hold your baby’s other arm down straight and wrap that side of the blanket and tuck it in tightly behind your baby. Make sure you are not covering your baby’s face.

You can also use the above folding techniques when your baby is about to sleep, they should sleep well. 

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