The Importance of Blankets In Hotels

Blankets are one of the things we need most, mostly on cold winter nights. Especially if you live in a harsh winter season, blankets are your biggest savior. Because these products are made of materials to keep warm. Cotton, acrylic, and polyester are the leading materials. We already know how handy blankets are and they are right next to us almost in every area as they are warm, decorative and stylish. Sometimes laying on the couch or for your favorite recliner is not complete without a blanket to snuggle on. Even so good that manufacturers have sized them so that we can use them in every field. According to our preference and request are available in sizes and thicknesses. Every corner of our house especially for decorating or to warm up at work, at home, and for the hotels.

After long tiring business trips, everyone wants to have a nice sleep in a nice and clean bed. Of course, a good, soft blanket will keep us warm so we can sleep well and wakeless. Yes, we need blankets not only in our home but also in hotels or pensions where we stay after long trips. You have come a long way and you will just want a nice and warm sleep. You’ll need a good blanket for that, and of course, you will only need the quality, softness, and warmth of the blankets we used here are very important. Or for your holiday you want to stay in a hotel for weeks and you will look for comfort in your homeAfter a long time swimming, sunbathing, or fun nights you will need to sleep and you will need a blanket too. 

Do the blankets used in hotels give us enough warmth? Various blankets may be available in hotels. But heavily woolen and electric blanket available. Mostly synthetic blankets are using but it does not allow the air, it holds dust, generally less expensive than wool blankets but mostly used.

Why White color is used in hotels?

5-star hotel or pension using white color on bedding is the one effective way for hotels to prove their standards of cleanliness... Regardless of the type of hotel, you’re staying, have you noticed that many of them have white linens and blankets instead of patterned, colored? Well, have you ever wondered why? Although it is a risky situation for businesses to use white sheets or blankets that are easier to stain, behind this lies a different and logical reason. It presents guests with a simple, clean and inviting place to lay their heads…

Imagine that everything is completely white in the hotel you stay, including towels and bathrobes in the bathroom, sheets which makes it very easy for staff to wash them. When dirty sheets and blankets or towels need to be washed, the staff can wash them all at once. So everything can be handled at once without worrying about a different color that could mix to other fabrics. Additionally, white is a color that can be found very comfortable when you need to change it to match or when you need to buy a new one.

Laura McKoy, the Creative Director and Vice President of Interior Design of Omni Hotels & Resorts says that “We use white sheets in all of our hotel rooms because it gives them a fresh, crisp, and clean feel,”

Laura McKoy

Would you like to use patterned, dark linen or blanket without knowing how dirty it is? How can you be sure the sheets are clean? By smelling?

White sheets or blankets also stand out as one of the most effective ways of proving hotels’ cleanliness standards. Also before the 1990s, in hotels, sheets and blankets were colorful. After some research people determined that white color looks more luxurious. ‘Westin’ which is America’s luxury hotel chain began serving in the 1990s with white sheets. The company said that the white sheets create a halo effect on the guests so this makes them think that the rooms have been recently renovated.


‘White’ improves sleep quality and gives a clean feeling.

“Visually, the idea of the white bed is important,” said Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton hotels. “Something about an all-white bed connotes luxury and a good night’s sleep.”

 Erin Hoover

Some researchers say white sheets are good for the skin, fighting against acne and pore problems. Since white sheets show dirt, so it increases the frequency of washing. Therefore, the clean linen washed reduces the harmful germs for the skin. Besides, white bedspreads are a very practical aspect.

Which size and fabric blankets are used in hotels? 

First of all, it depends on the luxury or 4 or 5-star rating of the hotel or depends on the business. The materials used in the hotel are linked to the quality of the hotel, including blankets. Some people do not care about quality or comfort because the products used in hotels are not personal. But when you come a long way, you want and looking for that comfort and quality so that you can get a comfortable sleep. Mostly cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester is preferring to use, they are the most popular ones and keep you warm with their quality. And the quality of blankets depends on a company that supplies blankets to hotels. You can also get free of charge when you stay with your family and request extra blankets. Blankets are available as single and double according to your preference. Of course, the cleanliness of blankets is also very important. Be sure it is clean before using. 

Single or double you can find various sizes and colors in hotels.

Average Sizes ( Length and Width)

Twin: 90 x 65
Full/Queen: 90 x 80
Queen: 90 x 90
King: 90 x 110 

Let’s look at Amazon for several types of blankets that can be used in the hotel. 

The most used blankets in hotels: Cozy Waffle Weave Blanket.

Waffle weave blanket is the most preferred and you can come across these blankets in the hotel’s room. It made with %100 pure cotton which is good and suitable for sensitive skin and it is generally medium weight. Add comfort without forgoing sophistication by adorning the bed with this handsome and lightweight waffle-patterned blanket, which comes in White You can feel cozy and warm when you use it the cool nights. The material doe not restrict the movement of moisture vapor for lightweight warmth and breathability, keeping you dry and cozy all night long. You can find it at Amazon. It has different sizes; 66×90, 90×90, and the king-size 108×90. It can also be used as a bed cover. And it is not synthetic. Not easily deformed, provides long-term protection. Machine washable and dryable. And also you can find different colors according to your relish. Or you can use it comfortably at home or outside activities.

100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket:

Cotton is the most popular yarn used in the production of bedding sets. It allows the body to breathe and is soft and firm. The cotton blanket is the trend, which never gets old, helps you to have a comfortable sleep with its soft tissues. Suitable for sensitive skin. Soft and comfortable for your guests to use. Provides warmth without the weight and cozy. 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket has durable soft yarns for long-lasting performance. The perfect medium weight blanket providing superb breathability for your guests’ sleeping comfort. Useful to provide your guests with extra warmth or could be used as a decorative throw for the bed.Machine washable. Not easily deformed, provides long-term protection. Easy to carry because it is not heavy. Loose weave knit is perfect for giving warm in winter days and in summer days it gives cooling. Available to use at any time of the year

 For your information: When buying or using cotton blankets, it is useful to choose known and proven brands, especially for your babies.

High-Quality Super Soft Blanket: 

Modern cutting machine construction with elegant and attractive appearance. Available to use in winter. A cozy blanket in which to wrap-up on a cool night is an essential bedroom staple. Not easily deformed, provides long-term protection. It allows the body to breathe and is soft and firm. Durable, warm and lightweight. Provides warmth without the weight and cozy. Suitable for use in hotels.Complete comfort with sumptuous softness.Easy to carry because it is not heavy. It can also be used as a bed cover. Machine washable. It is the ideal choice for warming up on cold nights.

Super Soft Fleece Blanket:

Super Soft Fleece Blanket; It does not cause allergy, fungus, and itching and has antibacterial properties.Complete comfort with sumptuous softness. The comfort of natural cotton and the warmth of pure wool, they are lightweight yet. Provides warmth without the weight and cozy. This blanket’s mainstay is its sumptuous softness and super-sleek, nearly luminous surface. You can feel it while you are using. Machine washable. Suitable for use in hotels. Through its size, it can also be used as a bed cover. It is easy to care. Long-lasting wear, and no-pill appearance. 100% Polyester. Provides warmth without the weight. Perfect for year-round comfort. The loom is woven to provide long-lasting quality with a textured chevron design. Fleece that makes you feel great and retains heat. Soft as fur and keeps it warm. It wraps you up perfectly at night and gives you a soft sleep. Suitable for use in spring and winter. Not easily deformed, provides long-term protection. Easy to carry because it is not Heavy. Suitable for use in hotels.Dimensions: Measures 90 x 90 (Full/Queen); 66 x 90 (twin); 108 x 90 (King).

Also, you can find white sheets for hotels in Amazon.

Lightweight Queen Goose White Down Alternative Blanket with Satin Trim:

Although polyester is cheap, it is generally used as a blend with cotton due to its hard touch. Its biggest advantage is that it has a very low shrinkage rate and long life compared to natural fibers. Because it wrinkles less, it requires less ironing, therefore, it is often preferred to use in hotels This blanket designed for both those who want to be protected from cool weather and make the comfort area more elegant. Easy foldable and portable, lightweight. Machine washable. %100 polyester. Perfect for anyone with allergies and also protects against dust mites and mildew, featuring anti-microbial polyester fill. It is extremely durable and will maintain its look & feel with continuous laundering This blanket will keep you warm and comfortable through all seasons. Provides warmth without the weight and cozy. Not easily deformed, provides long-term protection. Easy to fold and long-lasting. This blanket operates at the crossroads of design and practicality. The queen size: 90-by-90-inch Blanket. It allows the body to breathe and is soft and firm. Suitable for use in hotels.

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Farmhouse Collection Thick Warm Wool Blanket:

The wool blanket is beneficial for our health. Wool tends to absorb water vapor and control temperature. This blanket is made with 80% merino wool, recycling wool is not used. Merino wool; has an antiseptic effect, soothing effect, improves blood circulation. It allows the body to breathe and is soft and firm. Healthy, long-lasting and very useful. Not easily deformed. Machine washable. Useful to provide your guests with extra warmth or could be used as a decorative throw for the bed. Also, you can find different colors according to your relish The sizes 66″ x 90” and weighs approximately 4 lbs. Suitable for use in hotels.Easy to carry because it is not heavy.

 As a result, for everyone and every budget suitable blanket models available here. To provide you with the necessary heat and width, you can also obtain these blankets from hotels where you have stayed with the same quality and width. Blankets are also available for hotels which are produced especially. And as used herein, predominantly preferred cotton and polyester which is long-lasting, the perfect option. Blankets will provide you with the necessary and desired heat.

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