Blanket Fort for Children: What to Do in a Blanket Fort and Some Blanket Fort Idea Options

Classic toys and even technology sometimes are not enough to make your children happy. They need something original but not expensive. You can easily build a blanket fort together to make your lovely kids surprise and happy. It creates a great atmosphere to spend valuable time with your children. Basically, all you need to build a blanket fort is colorful blankets, sheets, pillows, chairs, tables, as well as clothespins.

If you wonder what are the possible activities you can do under your blankets fort, you will find the answer below. For those who are too busy with collecting the materials needed to build a blanket fort idea, I also have a suggestion you can buy online from the Amazon website.

What to Do in Blanket Fort?

There are many things you can do with your children in the blanket forth you built together. For example, you can have a perfect breakfast or dinner together. It must be also enjoyable to study and make your assignment to change the style of your studying.

By doing so, your children will not feel get such bored because of the different atmosphere. It is an alternative to read your favorite book together with your kids. You can have top light to make all of these activities easier.

Furthermore, if you have children going to kindergarten, it must be very nice to have drawn together. You can draw your favorite day or favorite activities during the day. Hence, it gives you a great opportunity to spend an enjoyable time together with your kids, and also learn and talk about what you do when you are not together during the day.

You can have something to drink while doing all at the same time. A cup of coffee or fruit juice might make your happiness double. Children love having some colorful fruit juice with pipet when doing their activities.

You do not have to do something special, actually. It is okay to sleep or take a nap so that you feel like you are in a different space without any worries and problems you have in your personal and business life. You can have listened to a good music background when trying to take a nap with your children.

Who does not like a pillow fight? I am sure you love playing these kinds of games in your childhood.

You should let your children experience the same ways. It is okay to fix the blanket fort later if you are worried about it. The thing which is the most important to have enjoyable and funny times together. For those who are bored spending time with technology, it is a wonderful idea.

Lastly, here is a suggestion for those whose kids are just started how to read and learn. You can encourage your children to write their memories and dreams under the blanket fort. I am sure this atmosphere will make their horizon expand, and encourage them to make a writing practice.

What Do You Need to Build a Blanket Forts?

There are a lot of ideas to build a blanket fort. You can enrich your decoration with a variety of tools. 

To begin with, for the walls and roof of your blanket forts, you need quilt covers, fitted sheets, as well as blankets.

For the attaching and holding the walls up, you need many other things. They can be listed as clothes pegs, food pegs, elastic bands, and bed frames.

It is also possible to use removable sticky hooks so that you will have a stronger structure on the walls and ceilings of your blanket fort.

Alternatively, you can have tables, armchairs, sofas, and teepee structures to make your blanket fort better. For those who are looking for a teepee shapes fort, you can use a broomstick for the middle.

What about the inside? You can decorate and fill inside whatever you want. For example, cushions and pillows are the first choices generally preferred. Apart from that, rugs, mattresses, and sleeping bags are good ideas.

Lighting is important to help you when you have activities with your children inside. You can have some flashlights and fairy lights but if you do not have any of them please do not worry. It is because table lamps are okay to decorate the inside of your blanket fort.

Moreover, you can have your toys and other material to spend time inside such as your personal computer, tablet, and books. Drawing books with coloring pads and pens will give you more pleasure and enjoyable times.

A Blanket for an Idea: How to Build a Blanket Fort?

In order to build this type of blanket fort, the things you need to have are blankets, sheets, and alternatively. You also need pillows, chairs, tables, and a sofa.

You can also build on your bed or by using your bed as the main anchor of your blanket fort. A tape and clothespins will help you, too.

Let us start to give the steps of building this blanket fort. As the first step, you need to decide the location of your blanket fort. After that, you need to spread a large sheet over the anchor piece of furniture you already decided.

For the anchor point, you can use your pieces of furniture such as the back of a sofa and the top of your table. In order to hold it more securely, you can use a fitted sheet for a strong structure.

Subsequently, you should spread out the sheet. After that, it is time to drape it over other pieces of your types of furniture. 

When doing this, you need to use additional sheets and colorful blankets you have. It will help you to add more room in your fort, and give you more opportunities to have fun.

It is possible to overlap the sheets because they drape over the anchors. Yet, alternatively, you can secure them in a different way, which is possible with clothespins and tape.

Now, it is time to bring in chairs or tall support of some kind to prop up the middle of the sheet you put. It is also possible to use different materials such as a tripod, a bar stool, as well as another sofa. 

However, you need to be careful in this step. You should avoid using lamps especially when your children are small like infants. Lamps might be risks since they might be a risk of falling.

You can clip your blankets and sheet to the clips so that you can create a floating ceiling.

The next step is to use extra blankets or pillows. By doing so, you can fill in the gaps properly. It is time to create a front entrance. 

What about the door? You also need a door or even doors if you want more than one. It is okay to use a pillow to construct the door of your blanket fort.

Finally, you can stock it with necessary supplies, which includes other objects and materials you want to have inside such as stuffed animals, sleeping bags, flashlights, puzzles, laptops, tablets, junk food and something to drink.

Here is a second idea to build a blanket fort:

For the second option of the blanket fort, the materials you need can be listed as blankets, bedsheets, pillows, and sofa cushions. Yet, they are not all you need.

You also need other materials as a connector. For example, binder clips, rubber bands, and safety pins would help you. You can also use tape if you have one.

First of all, you should decide the location of your blanket fort as the area. It is better to choose a place nobody has to pass so that you can keep the structure longer. I am sure children hate this one when you ask them to rebuild the fort.

At the same time, the location and area of your blanket fort have to have some strong furniture so that you will have a strong construction. It might be a good idea to build it near e a bunk bed, dining table, chairs, as well as a flipped-over couch.

after deciding the area where you build your blanket fort, you need to spread your blankets and drape over other pieces of your types of furniture. You can make it by using additional sheets and blankets if you want to have more room in the fort. 

Now it is time to use your connectors in order to join sheets and blankets together. It will provide you to keep the sheets from falling down and other possibly risky conditions.

Subsequently, you can add the door of your blanket fort. It gives you a chance to enter and exit safely. You should leave an opening on the side of your blanket fort for a door you have one. It is also okay to prop up a tunnel using couch cushions if your children want it. 

To decoration and other purposes such as sitting and sleeping, you can use pillows. It is always better to have something to make it light like a table light.

Now your blanket fort is ready to decorate and be filled with the stuff you love: the favorite toys of your children, the storybooks and coloring books, and some snacks. Enjoy spending time in your blanket fort!

Can You Buy a Blanket Fort Online from the Amazon Website? 

If it is hard for you to build a blanket fort at home, you can order some packages full of items you need to establish a blanket fort. There is an example from the Amazon website you will love and enjoy with your children.

TOTE A FORT Blanket Fort Kit for Kids

This package includes 3 blankets with multiple ways in order to attach to each other and objects in your home.

The color options are hot pink, pink, as well as purple. The size of these blankets is 71″ and 54″. Apart from that, this product includes 3 anchor weights for holding the fort in place, and 1 cinch sack for easy clean-up, storage, and transportation.

I am sure you and your children will enjoy a lot with the help of this product which is 100% polyester and has durable ripstop material.

It is available from the date of the ninth of April 2018. I want to share with you some comments about the product so that you can have some ideas from those who already experience the product.

I was skeptical at first because this seemed a little expensive, but it was actually really well worth it. We bought these to go with a few fort-building sets, and they worked great. The sandbags also get played with on their own separately in all sorts of ways. My kids really liked messing with the sheets and velcroing them in various ways. Our cats also really liked attacking the sheets, which made my kids extremely happy as they screamed from inside and fought off the monsters trying to bring down their fort. 

I love the cute little carry bag it came in. Easy to take with us anywhere we go. My kids built a fort and had it up for the first 3 weeks. The weighted bean bags and velcro made it easy for them to put off by themselves without any assistance. They really enjoy using their imaginations with tote a fort and these make great gifts for family and friends.

I think this product suits also very well as a gift to your friends. Especially for those with children more than two, I am pretty sure that they will love this idea. By having so, you can create an atmosphere where your children are not looking for a world full of technologic devices anymore.

It has just a reasonable price which you can afford for perfect home decoration. The price of the Blanket Fort Kit for Kids product is $65.67. You can think of it if it suits your expectations. If you order this product from Turkey, you need to pay $21.80 for shipping and import fees deposit.

If you are interested in this product to purchase, you can check the website for more details:

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