Electric Blankets: Benefits, Risks, Best Products

An electric blanket is a type of blanket that is laid on the sheets and warms the bed before sleeping. They are not used to cover the top like standard blankets, they can be laid under or on top of the sheets and connected to electricity to provide the bed with the desired level of heating. It protects the body from sudden heat changes when entering the bed for sleep, especially in cold weather when the whole house is not heated. When your body is in a cold bed, it consumes extra energy to warm your bed and prolongs the sleep time. With the help of an electric blanket, the time to fall asleep is minimized, and your body is prevented to be more tired to produce heat. One of the factors that should be considered in the use of electric blankets is that the blanket must be covered by a quilt or a normal blanket as well. The task of the electric blanket is to heat the whole bed, not only under the bed, but when it is left open, it emits most of the heat it produces, and since it has a very low power consumption compared to electric heaters, the heat it emits is not enough to heat your bedroom. If used in accordance with the instructions and recommendations, it prevents the formation of moisture in the blanket and quilt in addition to heating the bed.

Many products are protected against moisture and water permeability. The purpose of the liquid-impermeable property is in no way to avoid hazards in use while sleeping, as it is not recommended to sleep on it when operating electric blankets. Depending on the desired temperature, they are operated for half an hour to one hour before sleep and must be unplugged or turned off by the switch when entering bed for sleep. Since folded or wrinkled use may cause problems such as short circuits, electric blankets should be correctly selected according to the size of your bed and used in a stretched manner, such as sheets. If you want to sleep after removing the electric blanket from the bed after use, the product should never be folded until it cools down as the heaters still contain heat. In the case of children and infants, plugs for products that are recommended to be operated with warm settings, not hot, must be removed in case of accidental opening of children and babies. At the same time, electric blankets can be preferred to support the treatment process and comfort the patient in cases such as rheumatism, physical therapy, low back pain, colds, and chills.

Electric blanket prices vary depending on the power it consumes, for how many people they are, and the type of material. Models with different setting options such as off, warm and hot, consume approximately 40 watts at the warm setting and 80-100 watts when used in the hot setting. Since both single and double models use up to an hour of power during the day, the electricity consumption of a single blanket will not harm your budget on a monthly basis. Many different materials, such as pellets, polyester-cotton blends, felts, are used on the outside and the products can also be selected from models covered with real blankets.

Because electric blankets have an essentially electronic structure, they cannot be washed or ironed even if their outer surfaces are dirty. Laying under the bed sheet prevents them from getting dirty and deformed, which makes your electric blanket last longer, and companies tell users that it is the right way to use it between beds and sheets. Even though the resistances inside the products washed or wet cleaned are insulated, they are made of materials such as nickel and chrome so that they come into contact with the liquid. The electric blankets, which must be used carefully when storing, should be folded cold from their folded places and placed on the top of the cupboard or base where they will be placed and should not have a load on them. Otherwise, with the load on it and wrong folding, the heaters of the product can be damaged and become unusable over time.

Features of Electric Blankets

An electric blanket is a product that gives warmth by heating the electric heating wires placed between the fabrics. Thanks to the felts placed in the fabric, it has easy heating and late cooling properties. An electric blanket is also available with various features and you can adjust the temperature of the blanket to your liking. When buying electric blankets, you should pay particular attention to the quality certificate. You can use electric blankets in various designs and colors in harmony with your existing products.

Electric blankets are light and practical. It reaches a sufficient temperature for your bed in about 10 minutes. You can use your electric blanket as a blanket and laying under the sheets. Electric blanket sizes are for double and single beds. Double electric blankets are usually 120 x 160 in size. Electric blankets generally have warm and hot settings and use around 80 watts. Electric blanket voltage is 220 volt – 50 hertz. Electric blankets are usually guaranteed for 2 years, depending on the company you purchase.

Safety is the most important element in the use of electric blankets. Leaving the electric blanket on continuously may pose a risk. Today, however, manufacturers of electric blankets pay attention to this. Since the electric blanket is ultimately an electrically powered product, it may pose a risk of fire and electric shock due to fluid contact, manufacturing error, misuse. Therefore, when you buy an electric blanket, you must comply with the safety warnings specified by the company you received. There are no known side effects of an electric blanket, but staying warm in such a way as to affect the body’s normal functioning can trigger certain diseases.

Use of Electric Blanket and Its Benefits

In cold weather, electric blankets, which are your biggest rescue, will never pose a danger if they are used correctly and the instructions are followed. Electric blankets, which consumers like to buy, are the best way to warm up on cold winter nights. Electric blankets have many benefits. In addition to heating, these blankets prevent moisture and damp air and are good for people with rheumatism. They regulate blood circulation in the human body. From the moment they are used, they provide comfortable and efficient sleep.

Since electric blankets do not have the task of heating the whole room, they save energy. There are two separate controls for electric blankets, which you can purchase as single or double. You should buy your electric blanket in the appropriate size for your bed. You should put sheets on your blanket. Your body should not come into direct contact with the blanket. You should ensure that the blanket used is not wrinkled or folded. This may damage the electrical circuits of your blanket and create a hazard.

To ensure full warm-up, you should put your blanket in half an hour before going to bed. You can adjust the temperature of your blanket as you like from the temperature control section. After your bed reaches the desired temperature, you can disconnect the power supply. You should take care not to leave your electric blanket in a working position during sleep. Your electric blankets should never be in contact with water. You can only clean your blanket by ventilation. You should also never allow your electric blankets to dry clean. Use your electric blanket carefully if:

  • You should not use the blanket in infants, children and the elderly who have urinary incontinence.
  • Do not use electric blankets for patients who are constantly vomiting.
  • If you feed pets at home, you should keep these blankets away from them in case they scratch.
  • Make sure that the electric blankets do not fold or wrinkle during use. You must keep them away from any tools that are sharp and penetrating.
  • Do not place heavy loads on the blankets, do not apply excessive pressure to them.
  • When you stop using them, store them in moisture-free and moisture-free environments.
  • Use them in technically appropriate networks.

Harms of Electric Blanket and Ways of Protection

An electric blanket is a tool used to warm beds in winter. It may be a product produced in good faith to be beneficial to people, but it can cause great problems that can be caused by human misuse and overuse. The greatest risk of these blankets is the direct and intense electro-magnetic radiation to the wearer’s body. When you fall asleep while the electric blanket is working, the human body is exposed to radiation. These electromagnetic waves warm the tissues after some time. The rapid increase in body temperature also disrupts the cell structure and causes many health problems. When radiation and cell deformations are combined, it is inevitable to experience many diseases until they reach cancer.

To protect yourself from the damage of an electric blanket, the following are the things to be considered:

  • After heating the bed for 15 – 20 minutes with an electric blanket, the electric blanket should be turned off. However, it is not enough to turn off the switch, it must be disconnected from the mains by removing it from the plug.
  • An electric blanket is the only electric appliance that can cause a major fire in a few minutes due to an electrical leak. Because fiber and wool materials are extremely flammable substances. Even the slightest spark will cause the bed and quilt to ignite at once. Therefore, you should not leave the house even for a few minutes while the electric blanket is plugged in.
  • The electric blanket is very dangerous, especially for children who wet their beds. When children wet their beds, they may be exposed to severe electric shock even in the slightest leak. Parents should definitely avoid letting their children sleep while the electric blanket is plugged in.
  • No matter how you advise children, they can get up and plug in the electric blanket when they get cold at night. It would be a much better choice for children who are not mature enough to use electric blankets.

Potential Risks Related to Electric Blankets

Multiple sockets save lives if there are too many electronic devices in the house. But you need to know how they are used. Electronic devices that are not used carefully can cause death. The Umatilla County Fire District issued a warning because they are dangerous. To prevent this, you need to pay attention to the voltage of the electrical appliances in your home. According to experts, most of the house fires occur in winter. For this reason, it is necessary to examine how much energy is consumed by electronic devices and how much of this energy can be consumed by both power outlets and extension cords. Those who have a fire alarm in their home should also have the alarm checked. It is known that fire alarms do not work in many fires.

After heating the bed for 15-20 minutes with an electric blanket, it is not enough to just turn off the switch, it must be disconnected from the plug and disconnected from the electricity. The electric blanket is the only electric appliance that can cause a major fire in a few minutes due to electrical leakage. Because fiber and wool materials are extremely flammable substances. Even the slightest spark causes the bed and quilt to ignite at once. Therefore, you should not leave the house for a few minutes while the electric blanket is plugged in. The electric blanket is very dangerous, especially for children who wet their beds. When children wet their bed, they may be exposed to severe electric shock even in the slightest leak. Mothers should definitely avoid laying their children while the electric blanket is plugged in.

Electric Blanket and Fire Risk

Sleeping in a warm bed on cold winter days is a comfort everyone desires. One of the ways to ensure this comfort and to warm our bed on cold days is to use electric blankets. The heat provided by the electric blanket does not disturb, eliminates the moisture in the bed, and is also economical and convenient. Nevertheless, electric blankets have drawbacks in terms of health and safety. The unconscious electric blankets actually do more harm than good. Failure to do so may cause disaster. Although electric blankets cause numerous home fires, dozens of deaths and injuries, most people are unaware of the danger posed by these products.

The electric blanket is a blanket with integrated electric heating cables. There are many models used to warm the bed before using it or to warm it up while lying in bed. The heating element in the electric blanket is a special wire consisting of aluminum and ferrochrome alloy and the fabric used in the blanket is special. Some modern low-voltage electric blankets have thin carbon fiber wires and operate between 12 and 24 volts. Some modern electric blankets use carbon fiber elements, which are also used as heating elements in many high-end automobile seats. The new electric blankets have automatic control and shutdown to prevent overheating and flaming. Blankets without an automatic shut-off system have a high risk of overheating and fire.

Reasons for Fire Caused by Electric Blanket Use

One of the safety concerns of electric blankets is the possibility of fire hazard. There are three important causes of electric blanket fires.

1-Overheating of the blanket will ignite the cover.

2-When the electrical conductor breaks, the electric arc is formed and the fire starts.

3- Components such as controller, socket connection outside the blanket cause a fire.

The exact number of fires started due to the use of electric blankets is unknown. Especially worn electric blankets are an important source of the fire. In modern, new electric blankets, fires often occur due to misuse of the blankets or after many years of use. According to the New York Fire Department, 99% of electric blanket fires are caused by blankets over the age of ten. Broken cables can cause a fire as well as electric shock. Some electric blanket fires are caused by overheating of the cables and poor contact of the plug to the outlet. As a result of this bad contact, the currents passing through the circuit are in the order of load currents and cannot blow the fuse since it is smaller than the opening current of the fuse. Where there is bad contact, more heat is generated than usual. If a long time passes, the heat caused by the current initiates the fire. If the socket is loose, the plug of the electric blanket should not be inserted into the socket.

Electromagnetic Field Emitted by Electric Blankets

When properly used, electric blankets can be considered safe. However, it has properties that can affect human health during use. Electric blankets emit electromagnetic radiation because they are electrically operated. Although the effects of this cannot be felt at first, in the following periods, with the effect of radiation, an increase in body temperature and cell burns will occur. In the long term, the magnetic field may lead to disruption of the genetic structure, death and brain tumor in brain cells, white blood cell (lymphoma) cancer, heart disorders, memory impairment, permanent hearing disorders, damage to embryo development and blood cells. In a study conducted on African and American women using electric blankets, the magnetic field emitted from the blanket was found to be effective in the development of breast cancer.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the frequent use of electric blankets can cause the testes to overheat and reduce sperm counts and affect the fertility of people. In addition to fertility concerns, people with diabetes should be particularly careful when using an electric blanket. In some cases, high glucose levels caused by diabetes can damage the vessels attached to the nerves.

Principles of Safe Use of Electric Blanket

Because the bearing material is extremely flammable, it ignites quickly at a small spark and the fire spreads rapidly. The electric blankets to be used in the bed should be paid attention at the time of purchase. Only electric blankets approved by national or international standards should be purchased. When first purchased, it should be checked for damage during transportation. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed before use. It should only be used for the intended purpose of the manufacturer, for example, it should only be stacked on top of each other or laid only below. Decide whether to wash or not, according to the instructions.

Never use an electric blanket when lying down, the bed should be heated about half an hour before going to bed, then the cable should be unplugged. It is not enough to switch off the electric blanket at the switch only, it must be unplugged. Heating the bed with an electric blanket should not be considered when you are away from home. The blanket should not be used when it is folded, stretched or wrinkled, and should not be held with wet hands or feet.

The electric blanket should be checked regularly for wear and damage. The blanket, thermostat, and cables should be inspected for any breaks or damage in case of fire. The blanket should not be used when danger signs are seen. Despite all precautions, fire may still occur. If the receptacle is accessible, the first step must be unplugged from the outlet to cut off the power. This is useful if the fire is just beginning. However, if the socket cannot be accessed, the electricity must be switched off from the fuse and everyone must be removed from the home. The fire department should be informed, and if there is an extinguisher, intervene.

Millions of people prefer electric blankets to warm up and sleep better in cold weather because they destroy moisture in the bed and give it a peaceful temperature, but fires caused by misuse, poor quality or worn blankets are catastrophic. Electric blankets are usually heated half an hour before entering the bed, never used when lying down. Electric blankets should not be used while sleeping. Always remove the plug from the socket.

Electric Blanket and Cancer Risk

Electric blankets, an indispensable part of the winter months, are reported to have serious hazards to human health while protecting us from the cold. Experts explaining that electric blankets should be used appropriately by the citizens said that electric blankets should not be laid on while working. Experts said:

“Electric blankets are dangerous as they can cause a fire from electric leakage but also emit electromagnetic radiation. When you sleep on the electric blanket while it is on, you will be exposed to a high amount of electromagnetic radiation overnight. Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases heat in tissues. Increased body temperature can also disrupt the cell structure and some problems may arise in these cells. There may be genetic breakdowns and cell defects. These can then even return to cancer cells.”

Experts also advise on the use of electric blankets: “Those who use electric blankets should heat the bed 10 minutes before bedtime. After the bed is warm you should pull the plug. The blanket should not stay on the plug when you are sleeping on it” they said. Explaining that all of the electrical appliances emit electromagnetic radiation, experts said that the damages of this radiation to human health are still being investigated. The experts also stated that the World Health Organization has a wide range of studies on this subject and continued as follows:

“We need to minimize the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the body. For example, computers, televisions, hairdryers, baby phones, photocopiers, everything that works electrically, emits electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation has a limit. As the number of electrical appliances in our environment increases, we are more exposed to the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, we should keep the tools as low as possible and stay away from them while working.”

Cleaning and Care of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets, which are widely used in winter and prevent you from getting warm and sick, make bad smells in long-term use. So how to clean the smell on the blanket? How should an electric blanket be maintained?

Electric blankets, which are not limited to being used in bedrooms, are an ideal item used as a heater while sitting in places such as living rooms and guest rooms. Woolen blankets are the most heated and the preferred type of blanket, as well as being capable of trapping the odor, which can create an uncomfortable situation. So, what should be done to remove and clean the smell of blankets? I have compiled for you how to clean and protect the electric blankets that women have been in demand recently.

For washing in the washing machine, adjust your machine according to the structure of the blanket. In the dryer, you can dry by selecting the high temperature. If you don’t want to wash it in the washing machine, you can use dry shampoo on the blanket and clean its odor, as well as provide practical cleaning.

  • Cleaning of Electric Blankets

If you are very cold and winter is not your favorite season, your best friend is sure to be your electric blanket! When was the last time you cleaned up this close friend who was waiting for you from winter to winter? Electric blanket cleaning may not seem suitable for cleaning at home because of the cables, but it is possible. In more than one way! To keep your warm blanket clean, follow these suggestions:

  • Electric Blanket Cleaning by Hand Wash

First, be sure to unplug the blanket before doing anything and disconnect the blanket’s battery to prevent damage to the electrical system. Once again, check that all the cables are disconnected and put your blanket in the tub filled with warm water. Adjust the amount of water according to the size of your blanket. Allow your blanket to soak for 15 minutes after adding a delicate detergent. When you are sure that it is wet, gently press down on your blanket and remove it from the water and rinse. If it is still watery, repeat the procedure gently. But don’t squeeze, just make sure you push the water out of your blanket and squeeze it out with just a slight twist.

  • Electric Blanket Cleaning In Washing Machine

If you prefer not to wash by hand, you can also wash your blanket in the machine. Yes, this is possible! You have several alternatives to machine wash. Experts advise you to soak your blanket for 15 minutes in the cold detergent. Then wash your blanket with mild soap and water for 2 minutes at the “delicate” setting. Then, rinse with cold, clean water and allow it to dry. As a second way, run your machine for one minute by filling it with warm water (make sure it is set to “delicate”) and add the detergent. After the process is complete, stop your machine. Add the blanket and let it warm up on your machine for 15 minutes. Then switch the machine on again for 2 minutes and rinse it.

  • Electric Blanket Drying

You can dry your blanket in the dryer if you wish. But do not forget to operate at the lowest degree of precision when drying. Run for 2 minutes and then hang your blanket in its damp state. If you do not prefer a dryer, hang your blanket from top to bottom without folding and do not use tongs. Doing so may damage your blanket.

Tips When Cleaning Electric Blanket:

  1. Do not use bleach when cleaning.
  2. Never iron your electric blanket.
  3. Do not dry in a central heating environment, as this may damage the electrical wires.
  4. Do not expose the first battery to water.
  • Care of Electric Blankets
  1. When cleaning, do not use bleach or chemical cleaning agents.
  2. You can clean a cloth washed with white soap by gently rubbing it over the blanket.
  3. Instead of ironing the electric blanket, you can straighten it with your hand while the blanket is slightly damp. (It may cause the wires inside to deteriorate)
  4. Do not dry the electric blankets on heater cores, stoves or heaters.
  5. Keep the battery of the electric blankets away from moisture and water. Be very careful because of the danger of electricity.
  6. Do not make the blankets come into contact with your body. Be sure to use bed sheets by laying on them.

Warning: Do not jump on an electric blanket or load heavy objects.

Best Electric Blankets That You Can Buy Online

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