Blanket’s Production And Its History

Naturally, people prefer to sleep in a warm place because sleeping causes blood pressure to decrease and our frequency of breathing decreases (from around 98 degrees Fahrenheit to around 96 or 97) It’s that period in your sleep when you have dreams. When our breathing decreases, blood circulation slows and we can feel cold then our body does need extra warmth so, we direct ourselves to use blankets to warm ourselves.

 Sleeping underneath your blanket make you feel safe because it separates us from the outside world and makes you feel protected. Blankets help us to sleep longer and you can sleep well because of the soft texture itself when it is touching our skin made us peaceful, comfortable and makes you feel happy. An easy solution to staying cool and sleeping better to get one of them.

In this article; we will learn how blankets are madevarieties of blankets and what it made for? With all the details…

Did you know that people were using blankets since ancient times? As you guess, during this time, blanket use was not that universal. As sources say only by the wealthy and influential people of its time can afford to use them, on the other hand, poor people were using plant leaves or the skins of the animals they killed during hunting to keep warm themselves.

 Before modern times when the fabric was not mass-produced, blankets were considered to be a luxury that could only be afforded by the rich and powerful people… 

Right after the middle ages, the blanket became widely-used.

  Most people like to keep blankets on their beds at night. On the other hand, it has been found to decrease anxiety and stress there is a neurological reason to use weight blankets because pressure can stimulate serotonin production that helps you sleep well. Serotonin has been found to help modulate sleep regulation, which is part of the reason that depression and insomnia are linked. When Blanket covers your feet and gives warmth to your feet, it makes you fall asleep. That’s why people with sleep disorders are taught relaxation and meditation techniques. It’s a skill that needs time and constant practice to take effect.

Dr. Anthony Kouri a resident at the University of Toledo Medical Center says that studies have shown that blankets help make us feel happy, too.”

Dr. Anthony Kouri

 The inventer of the blanket… 

In the 14th century, first invented by Thomas Blanquette (blanketa weaver who lived in Bristol, England, the blankets were made from wool, well known for its cozy and fire-resistant properties.

 Blankets for fire-resistant… 

A fire blanket designed and manufactured to be used to extinguish the flame at the beginning of the fire, it is a flame-proof blanket that can be used to extinguish a small fire or wander around a person in the event of a fire. Fire blankets are made of 2 layers of woven glass fiber fabric and an inner non-combustible film. They work by cutting the supply of oxygen to the fire.

Properties :

  • Non-flammable.
  • Designed to protect from fire.
  • It provides superior protection against high temperatures.
  • Used to transport injured people as a stretcher in emergencies.

What would be if the blanket was not invented?  

In ancient times; people were trying to find a way to keep themselves warm in cold weather. As mentioned above they were using plant leaves or the skins of the animals. It was the hardest way to get warm. Day by day people found the easy way with the domestic resources and livestock improved. All this was done for that people could reach the warm quickly as they wanted. It was basic but workable. Nowadays many people are using this source which they reach quickly.

Not only for warming, but blankets are also using for covering the valuable merchandise to send them multimodal transports: via seaway or roadway or airway… It has the most important place of using in Logistics.

%95 of blankets are production in Usak, Turkey.
In 2002, blankets were sent to 55 different countries from Turkey. In Europe; people mostly prefer Turkish blankets for covering themselves while watching television. In Africa, following their tradition, they are using blankets for their wedding ceremonies or funeral. Blankets hold great cultural significance in many Indigenous communities. They were used in trade, given as gifts and even offered a way to record community history. Also, blankets are used by the military for many centuries, and still it is. The Military Wool Blanket is made of 70% virgin wool 30% synthetic and measures 62″ x 80″.

 Blankets which we are made us feel cozy for the wintertime, but not all of them are made for cold days, some of them are made for Summer.

For the people who cannot tolerate heat! 

 The better we sleep at night, the more lives we feel during the day. A summer blanket: pique, should be comfortable, average warmth when the summer nights turn chilly. At the same time, it should keep you cool. So they made blankets for the people who like to use it on cool days in Summer. People can use it while sunbathing too. Blankets are manufactured for the one who cares home decorations, they must be able to use any place of your house; for the bedrooms or the living room’s visuality.

Blankets are usually made for babies, for the military, also for pets…

Blankets for babies’ sensitive skin… 

 Baby blankets are made of 100% thin cotton, wool or cashmere and it must be perfectly light, cozy and warm at the same time. for baby’s sensitive skin. It’s best to avoid loose-knit and crochet blankets for babies. Because the baby’s skin is sensitive should prefer soft blankets. The warm of the blanket makes the babies feel like they are sleeping in their mother’s arms. The blanket must pass the required moisture and air while maintaining the required heat.

They also made blankets for the Pets…

Like us, animals are also like to sleep in warm places which makes them feel safe. It does not matter winter or summer, they like sleeping under warm & comfort blankets. Pet owners also using the blankets to carry their pets while traveling. It’s more useful for them and safe.

Blankets for Horses:

It is made to keep horses warm and protects horses from wind or other elements. Horse blankets are of different styles, are made of different materials and come in a variety of fills. Just like human beings, horses can get affected by the harsh weather conditions in winter

How blankets are made? 

Here we are understanding the importance of animal husbandry one more time… 
Blankets used to make from woolen yarn that was woven. Wool is used for making a blanket because they are thicker and have more substantial fabric. The wools are shortening from sheep. The shortened wool is washing, drying, mixing with appropriate qualities and putting some chemical additives for processing in machines. After processing wools they obtain yarn by wools and the yarn is then spun onto spools, before it is used to weave blankets on large, industrial machine looms, while these yarns keep processing in machines. they are putting dye inside the machine to introduce color, blankets are either dyed after they are woven, or beforehand as hanks of yarn from the spools. After the blankets are woven they are finished at the mill with labels and stitching or fringing and sent to warehouses for distribution. The standard blanket size is 50 x 60 inches and weighs 4.8 lbs.

Wool blankets are warmer than cotton blankets and also slow to burn when its compared to cotton.  

These days, finding a high-quality blanket is easy too…

 Nowadays blankets are usually making with polyester and cotton. It’s not as quality as before. it’s not a problem made with cotton, but it can not give the warmth that the wools gave. We can say the mass production and the excess demand is of the causes of this. Population increased. People are like to buy the thing that they can find an easy way. People are buying blankets for their babies/toddlers, children and also even for their pets. Because it’s not that expensive, it’s budget-friendly and easy to find. Of course, it’s a good thing to use it, today it has more various sized and various styles. Polyester and cotton are easy to procure for this reason women can knit their various sizes of blankets for their children.

What are the variety and the best blankets?  

The most common types of blankets are woven acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, long-staple cotton, fleece, wool and color options. Loose weave structure for optimal breathability, Great insulation for cold weather, must have a lifetime warranty, must be filled with plush cotton batting. But the Kashmir “Cashmere” might be the softest one. Mulberry silk is the finest and soft silk which is the most expensive silk fabric in the world! 

 Throw blankets, bed blankets, Electric blanket, weighted blankets…

There are about 85 types of sleep diseases. Most of them cause a decrease in the quality of life and deterioration in one’s health. Sleep disorders are a public health problem because they can cause traffic and occupational accidents.

Weighted blankets scientifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep quality and improve your overall mood. In particular, a blanket is a piece of two fabrics sewn together with a heavy filler. Specially produced, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, the filler material is placed in planted squares of equal size to distribute weight to the body. Deep pressure with balanced weights in it gives the feeling of embracing. . Over the years, occupational therapists have used mainly blankets as a therapeutic tool.

Reduces Anxiety
It helps Fibromyalgia Pain
Improves Sleep Quality

In addition, it is not recommended if you have the following discomforts:
Blood circulation and blood pressure problem;

Breathing Problems
Sensitive Skin

Blankets made of cashmere have perfect thermal properties. They are good, light, soft and warmCashmere is sort of like an air conditioning, that is warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. This is due to the air pockets between the fibers, as air is an excellent insulator.

Electric blanket, made of coiled wires. It’s working with electric and you should turn them off before you fall asleep, this can cause several fire risks. You can burn, or it can cause death when it gives overheating. Also, it is not good for a person with diabetes. It was hypothesized to increase the risk of breast cancer. Plus as with any source of heat over the groin, the use of electric blankets can reduce fertility in men. If you are using carefully, it can last up to 10 years.after 10 years you should not use it anymore, and you should buy a new one.

 ‘’People are now being advised to check theirs after 69-year-old Dave Jackson died. The Electrical Safety Council says more than 5,000 fires happen in the home every year because of electric blankets. ‘’ 

Sleeping with an open window, putting on the air conditioner, or sleeping without bedding may not be enough to help. So there is a cool blanket for your counter rising temperature or sweating problems. 

World’s Softest Blanket which is made from ultrasoft micro mink, plush fabric with a velvety hand that is perfect for curling up on the couch or staying cozy on a cold night.

People can use blankets in different places for their different needs. For their home design, for their car seats or armchair. They can use it for travel. Children can make a tent or a curtain from blankets and they can do a ghost costume for parties or just for fun. While making a picnic they can use it as a picnic cloth or they can sit on it while having a picnic. They can make a swing for babies for children. They can use it to yeast yogurt. They can decorate a place. They can use it as a dust cover or they can cover their foods outside with blankets because it can keep another thing warm.

 In Alaska, the blanket is used for something unique — a people-powered trampoline…

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Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket, 50″x60″ With 5 Setting Controller, Beige


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  • Measurements: Throw quantifies a liberal 50″x 60″ for full inclusion; Perfect for the love seat, seat, and bed as an additional layer

Electric Heated Blankets, Homech 72″ x 84″ Full-Size Electric Throws with Double-Layer Flannel, Fast Heating with 10 Heating Levels, 12 Hour Auto-Off, Overheating Protection, Machine Washable


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  • Sumptuously Soft: The smooth wool Microplush is serenely delicate to contact and works effectively to protect heat for a warm and delicate nestle
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  • Simple Maintenance: Machine-launderable warming cushion can be placed into the machine to altogether wash to keep sterile, delicate, and usable for quite a long time to come (kindly isolate the regulator before cleaning)

VIPEX Heated Blanket Electric Throw, 50” x 60” Flannel Electric Blanket with 10 Heating Levels & 3 Timer Settings Auto-Off, Travel Home Office Use, ETL Certified, Machine Washable, Forest Green

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