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Healthy and restful sleep is something that we all dream of on a tiring day. To get that warmth and rest, you have several options for bedding but blankets and duvets are the most popular choices in the world.

While both duvets and blankets are used to keep one warm, duvets will serve that purpose better thanks to their two-layered structure the cover, and duvet itself. Because of being more layered, duvets generally looks better than blankets. Blankets can be produced by a wide variety of fabrics while duvets are more limited when it comes to their material. On caring and storing, blankets are more advantageous comparing to duvets. Being more than one layered, duvets are harder to store while blankets are can be stored anywhere in your home. That makes blankets available to use in any season while duvets can not be used in every season. Lastly, duvets may cost more because of being more layered and thicker but it also depends on their material.

When the subject is bedding, a lot of people assume that duvets, blankets, quilts, comforters are the versions of the same thing but they are not. In this blog, you will find the advantages or disadvantages and similarities or differences between duvets and blankets.

Before making a detailed comparison, let’s see what duvets and blankets are.


A duvet is bedding, that is a bag, usually stuffed with down, feather, or wool. It is like a pillow and pillowcase. Whatever the pillowcase is for a pillow, a duvet cover is the same thing for duvets. Duvet covers can be made of a wide variety of fabrics while the inside layer is generally and traditionally are down and feather but still there are duvets that are produced by cotton, microfiber, polyester. Duvets are one of the best options for cold winter nights. Being fluffy and thick makes you really warm in bed. One of the best parts of duvets is that you can switch it off from the cover and change the style in the bedroom and also it makes you allow to clean very easily. They last up to four or five years because they are protected with a cover.


Blankets are bedding that can come in different sizes and materials. Blankets help you to get a warm and comfortable sleep on winter nights. Being one layer allows you to use blankets in every season. You can use blankets as a decorative tool in your bedroom. They are easy to access and take care of.

Let’s see a detailed comparison between duvets and blankets.


Down and feather are the most used ones.Wool, cotton, and fleece are the warmest ones.
Mostly used in winter.Can be used every season.
Harder to maintain. Covers machine washable but fillings need dry cleaning.Easy to maintain and machine washable.
Hard to store.Easier to store.
Not versatile.Versatile enough. Can be used for some other purposes.
Mostly expensive.Can be cheap or expensive.


Both duvets and blankets are primarily used for a warm sleep on a cold night. Duvets are often produced of durable cotton, silk, and synthetic materials. Duvets inside layer (duvet filling) is another thing when it comes to the production part. The most common and used materials for fillings are, down and feather but you can also find wool, silk, cotton, microfiber, and polyester. The reason why they are mostly produced down and feather is that they fit your body shape easily and are good for air circulation. On the other hand, blankets are mostly made out of fleece, cotton, wool, and synthetics and since blankets are more used for every season, synthetics are good for all seasons usage.


I mentioned that both blankets and duvets are primarily for warmth. Although blankets can be used as decoration tools for your bedroom or sometimes even for your living room. Not commonly seen but some people also use blankets just because of their easy accessibility. You can just take a blanket on your shoulder while you are watching a movie on a cold winter night. They can also help you on your road trips too. Blankets come in more handy comparing to duvets thanks to their size advantage. You can even use them as a tablecloth on your picnics. Who doesn’t love picnics? On the other hand, you can do none of those with your duvet. Since they are multilayered they are harder to carry and not easy to access. Their main and most likely only purpose is a warm and nice sleep on cold nights in your bedroom and to cut down the number of linens used on your bed. Although they are not used for many other purposes, duvets can be a real timesaver when you are making your bed in the mornings.


Maintenance is another topic when u decide to buy bedding for yourself. Blankets are a good option when u think about maintenance. Since they are only one layered, they are really easy to take care of. You can basically put them on the machine and start washing. Some kinds of blankets need special treatment but they are generally machine washable so you don’t need to think about how to clean or maintain the blanket too much. On the other hand, duvets are a completely different story. Since they have a filling and a cover, basically you need to take care of two different things. It all depends on what material your cover is but generally, you can easily clean the cover of the duvet. They are mostly machine washable. Duvet fillings are harder to take care of. In order to keep their fluffiness, they require more attention than their covers. But like I mentioned before it all depends on the material. For example, synthetics are easy to maintain while natural materials are more delicate.

Size and Design

Size and design are very important when you are choosing your duvet or blanket. Just like any other bedding duvets come in traditional sizes. Twin, double, full, queen, and king sizes. One of the best parts of having a duvet is the flexibility to change the cover and having a new one whenever you want but you need to be careful about the size since it needs to match your duvet filling. Unlike blankets, you can use the same filling for years changing its cover over and over again. Blankets also come in various sizes. They are layered so you won’t be changing anything but still you can find a lot of different choices when it comes to design. They are produced in various kinds of materials; therefore you won’t be having any issue finding a design for your own taste.


Duvets are thick because of their filling and the cover. Covers don’t take too much of a space but the filling part needs much more space because of being fluffy but most of the time they are used as one so they will always need some space in your storage, unlike blankets. Blankets are thin and easy to fold so you don’t need to think about storage as much as duvets. Also being practical and can be used anywhere so storage is not much of an issue for blankets.


When it comes to buying stuff it all comes down to price. It is one of the most important things when you are buying stuff. You can find various prices for both duvets and blankets, according to their size and material. When you are looking for which one to buy, you will see a wide price range for both blankets and duvets. They start from $10 and go up to thousands of dollars depending on your choice of material and size. Generally, natural ones like down and feather are much more expensive while synthetic ones are cheaper than others. Duvets are usually more expensive since you are buying both filling and cover. Covers might be cheap but again it all depends on the material you choose. Be careful when you are choosing. Natural ones might be healthier and more comfortable but the price can be much higher.

Etymology and History

The word duvet is originally a French word. It means down, like in “goose down”. Duvet itself is originated in China. An English merchant named Paul Rycaut is the first person who brings Duvet to the UK from Europe for trading purposes. Duvets started to become really popular in the 1970s and in modern days you can probably see duvets in every home for winter nights.

Which one to buy?

This question’s answer is completely up to your personal taste and need. If you are looking for only warm sleep at night, a duvet might be a more convenient choice for you. But if you are looking for something that can easily be reached and easy to take care of while keeping you a bit warm then blankets can be your choice. After reading this blog, you may come to a decision much easier. Here are some options for you to decide easier when you want to buy something for yourself for cold winter nights.


1 – Pandora de Balthazar Eiderdown Duvet

Pandora de Balthazar offers you this %100 eiderdown duvet. It comes in the size of 137cm x 198cm. The price is $4500. Might be expensive but it also includes its cover and will give you the perfect warm sleeping experience. It is a good choice for someone looking for a restful sleep.

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2 – Siscovers Duvet Set

Siscover brand offers you this duvet set that comes in every size you want to choose. Price differs from size to size, starting from $263 twin size up to $2000 California king size. Being set means they offer you also the duvet cover. This product is polyester and machine washable. If you are looking for quality and easy maintenance for your duvet, you should take a look at this product.

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3 – Sferra King Duvet

This cotton king-size duvet is offered to you by Sferra. This king-size duvet is 274 x 238cm. It’s filled with goose-down. You can machine wash it so it’s easy to take care of. Comes at the price of $1099. It is a bit expensive but that natural goose-down will keep you warm in your bed whatever the temperature is.

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4 – Pandora de Balthazar Duvet

Another high-quality, totally natural goose-down duvet from the brand Pandora de Balthazar. There is only one size and color option which is 218cm x 238cm and white. You can buy this duvet for $853. Thanks to its goose down, you will have one of the best sleeping experiences.

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5 – Live Good Inc. Luxurious Duvet

Live Good Inc brand offers you this luxury and sturdy duvet. Its size is 233cm x 259cm and the price is $700. It is cheaper than other recommended products but this one will also keep you really warm when the colds come to your home.

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Budget Recommendations

1 – Rimi Hanger Duvet Cover

Rimi hanger brand offers you these duvet covers. You have a lot of options for price and size, starting from single size, which has a $24 price and goes up to $42 for super king size. They come in cream and brown colors. They are machine washable and easy to take care of. Be careful while looking for this product tho. They only offer you the duvet cover.

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2 – Hansleep Duvet Cover Set

Hansleep brand offers you these microfiber duvet covers in different sizes and at different prices but only in grey color. They come in 3 types; twin, full, and king. The twin size is 172cm x 228cm and it is only $8.30. Queen-size is 228cm x 228cm and only for $15.99. And finally, the king-size which comes with a size of 264cm x 228cm, and the price for this one is $19.99.

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3 – Brentford Store Duvet Set

Brentfords comes to you with these duvet covers in 3 sizes and different colors. Twin, queen, and king sizes that you can choose between, grey and yellow colors. It is made of polyester and you can wash them in the machine. You can buy twin size for $9.99, queen size for $8.99, and king-size for $10.99. Being cheap and giving options for customers makes this product a good choice for budget recommendations.

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