Sleeved Blankets: Blanket Robe, History, 6 Amazon Products

A sleeved blanket is a full body cover with sleeves normally made of nylon or downy. It is comparable in structure to a wraparound however is intended to be worn in reverse, in other words, they can open from the back. The item has been advertised by different brands as Toasty Wrap, Snuggler, the Slanket, Doojo, and the Snuggie with changing sizes, hues, and characteristics of materials yet comparable fundamental design.


At the end of 2008 and mid-2009, the Snuggie brand of blanket robe turned into a mainstream society phenomenon, now and again portrayed entertainingly as a “cult”. The item got acclaimed after an immediate reaction business advancing the item was circulated. It was included on TV programs such as Today that team wore and cast Snuggie covers for a fragment which was depicted as resembling a Black Protestant choir. Others have portrayed mass-snuggie wearing as seeming as though a Harry Potter convention. The Associated Press compared it to a “priest’s outfit in downy” and broadcasted it “a definitive kitsch blessing”. The Snuggie at first sold independently for $14.95, and later, the price was $19.95 for two of them.

The Slanket was referenced in a scene of NBC’s 30 Rock named “The Ones”. The item has likewise been disparaged as a “retrogressive robe” or a basic rehash of the coat on TV and radio syndicated programs in the United States. Comparisons have additionally been made with the Thneed, a profoundly advanced, shapeless article of clothing in the Dr. Seuss story, The Lorax.

At the end of January, 2009, a gathering composed a bar creep wearing Snuggies in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the next months, they proceeded to finish more than 40 more the country over. Afterward, a gathering sorted out a Snuggie bar creep in Chicago to fund-raise for an African shelter, which prompted comparable occasions all through the United States. A worker at Americans for Tax Reform, a moderate research organization, begun a Facebook page called “The Snuggie Cult” and persuaded individual traditionalists that have Joe the Plumber, Tucker Carlson, and Andrew Breitbart to present wearing the robes.

The wonder brought about deals of the Snuggie and its opponents that far surpassed their wholesalers’ desires: over 4 million Snuggies as of December 2009 and 1 million Slankets as of February 2009. The marvel has even brought about varieties, for example, “Snuggie for Dogs” and Snuggie with printed patterns.

Observers endeavoring to break the Guinness World Records record for the “biggest social event of individuals wearing wool covers” at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on April 6, 2010. Australian radio program Labby, Camilla, and Stav on B105 tried the case which everyone can wear a Snuggie at games, for example, a soccer match, a football match-up, or a b-ball game. The test was effective. They likewise dressed a sculpture of Wally Lewis, which remains before Suncorp Stadium, in a Snuggie live broadcasting live. Safety officers thought that it was interesting from the outset yet it was eliminated soon after.

In the mid-year of 2009, the Designer Snuggie was delivered to the general population, just as the Snuggie for Kids and the Snuggie for Dogs. On March 5, 2010, at a Cleveland Cavaliers game, Snuggie wearers broke a world-record for sleeved cover wearing. More than 22,500 fans wore specially designed, restricted version Cavaliers Snuggie covers for 5 minutes. A Guinness World Records delegate was close by to introduce the official World Record declaration to KeyBank, the Cavaliers, and Snuggie. However, in only barely a month the accomplishment was broken during a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim home game when more than 40,000 observers wore a special Hideki Matsui sleeved cover for five minutes.

In March 2018, Allstar Marketing Group, proprietor of the “Snuggie” brand, was fined $7.5 million by the US Federal Trade Commission for beguiling advertising and to give discounts to bamboozled customers.

Famous People with

A few hundred spoofs of the business have shown up on YouTube, just as various fan pages on Facebook. Mockings of the item and its business have additionally have made by jokesters, for example, Bill Maher, Daniel Tosh, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Tim Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, Loulogio (in Spain), Tim Hawkins, and on iCarly, just as site satires and Lacie and Olivia. Jack Douglass’ YouTube spoof, named “The WTF Blanket”, has reached more than 24 million views.

How to Sew a Sleeved Blanket

What You’ll Need

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Rotary shaper and cutting mat (discretionary)

• Straight pins

• Sewing machine

• Scissors


• 3 yard wool (against pill is ideal)

• Matching string

• Plain paper


Cut the Body of the Snuggle Blanket

Slice a bit of wool to 72 inches in length, and afterward cut the selvage edge off of the two sides. To ensure the cuts are straight, you can utilize a rotating shaper with a ruler and cutting mat. To modify the length of your cuddle cover, measure the individual the sweeping is for from their jaw to the floor, and add 12 creeps to this number. For instance, if the estimation is 48 inches, the all-out length of the cover would be 60 inches. If the individual is extremely tall, you may need to buy extra texture yardage.

Measure the Armhole Placement

Make an armhole layout by removing a paper circle that is 8 crawls over. Overlap the bit of downy fifty-fifty the long way, and lay it on your work surface. It ought to be roughly 30 creeps by 72 inches when collapsed (except if you’ve balanced the tallness of your cover). Spot the hover format on the texture, so the edge of the circle is 9 crawls in from the collapsed edge, and 10 creeps down from the top edge of the texture. Pin the hover set up through the two layers of downy.

Cut Out the Armholes

Cut around the hover layout by lifting the example piece and cutting through the two layers of texture marginally inside the boundary of the circle. At that point, sliced around your armholes again to streamline the edges, keeping the hover around 8 crawls in distance across like the example piece.

Make the Snuggle Blanket Sleeves

Cut two sleeve pieces from your wool texture, each estimating 27 creeps by 30 inches. Overlay every sleeve piece down the middle the long way, arranging the 30-inch edges. At that point, sew the 30-inch edges together, utilizing around a 1/2-inch crease remittance. Backstitch (sew too and fro) when you start and complete the process of sewing. To tweak sleeve length, measure the individual’s arm from the head of the shoulder to the fingertips. It’s ideal to cut the sleeves somewhat long in case you don’t know about the correct length, as you generally can alter them shorter after they’re connected.

Attach the Sleeves to the Body

Use pins to stamp the top and base of every armhole you cut in the enormous downy piece (appeared underneath with red pins), which speak to the shoulder and armpit. Turn every sleeve right side out. With every sleeve lying level, place a pin legitimately opposite the crease on the overlay. At that point, with the correct sides of the texture together, pin the sleeves to the openings in the body. Match each stamped sleeve top with the top pin on the sweeping body, and match every sleeve crease with the base pin on the sweeping body. Keep sticking the sleeve piece to the opening. At that point, sew around the sleeves utilizing a 1/2-inch crease recompense. Ensure you lock line toward the start and the end.

Turn the cuddle cover right side out, and give it a shot. On the off chance that the sleeves are excessively long, you can tend to them or make a sleeve and tack it set up with a couple of fastens. On the off chance that the sweeping itself is excessively long, you can essentially tend to off any extra. Since downy doesn’t shred, you don’t need to stress over the crude edges. In any case, you can sew the edges for an appearance on the off chance that you need.


You can modify your downy cuddle cover on the off chance that you need. Sew on extravagant fastens or trim. Or on the other hand, cut a square from your extra downy or organizing wool, and sew on a pocket. You can even utilize texture paint or weaving to customize your cover. The Snuggie, the “cover with sleeves,” might be an Irony Belt punchline, yet someplace, in a less bored America, 20 million have gotten it. Like different infomercials, the Snuggie pitch utilizes some incredible stunts of mental advertising. Close to that, rationale – and style sense – don’t mean a lot.

2 Popular Sleeved Blanket: The Snuggie and The Slanket

The Slanket

The item was first marketed as the Freedom Blanket. The Slanket was made by Gary Clegg utilizing a camping cot in Maine in 1998 (preceding the Snuggie). Clegg’s mom made him a cover with a solitary sleeve for use in his cool apartment. Clegg later formed that into the Slanket with two sleeves. The Snuggie sleeved cover item has been sold in the United States, Canada, and Australia. It was showcased essentially through a significant TV commercial. As of January 2009, more than 20 million of the item had been sold.

Germany showcases an electric variant of the Snuggie that has control with four temperature settings. The organization advertises the Snuggie through its site and TV plugs alongside numerous different as-seen-on-TV items. The Doojo sleeved cover is a German item and its first model was made in 2005 by Darko Sulentic. Doojo is licensed for whole European nations and patent forthcoming in North America adapted by its specific structure of a blanket robe with incorporated gloves. The item got effectively nine distinct honors for plan and development and turned out to be incredibly mainstream in Europe.

Another notable variation, the “Hot Wrap”, sold through infomercials facilitated by Montel Williams as a technique for saving money on warming costs. However, given the likenesses of the Toasty Wrap’s promoting to which of Snuggie, proposes which it is plausible that the two brands begin with the equivalent manufacturer. The musical crew Weezer delivered its Snuggie cover in November 2009; that is accessible in strong name “Weezer” on it in white textual style. The name was “Wuggie”.

It is here and there showcased as a “comfort blanket”. A sweeping called GO-GO Blanket holds the US patent for youngster measured sleeved covers. GO-GO Blanket was made as a movement cover for youngsters (up to estimate 5) which conforms to government wellbeing guidelines for vehicle seats and strollers. GO-GO Blankets were made in 2007, by a grandma in New Jersey who needed to discover an answer for keeping kids sheltered and warm in a vehicle seat without massive winter wear.

In 2017, a U.S. exchange court decided that the item ought to be delegated a cover, instead of apparel, as government legal counselors had been attempting to guarantee. In the United States, the duty on imported covers is 8.5 percent, while the tax on imported “pullover attire” is essentially higher at 14.9 percent.

Need to snuggle up with a decent book yet at the same time remain enclosed by a cover? At the point when you toss on a wool cuddle cover with sleeves, your arms can remain comfortable and useful. What’s more, sewing this sweeping is genuinely brisk and simple for tenderfoots. You should simply cut a couple of straight lines and sew some straightforward creases. Other than making one for yourself, this is an extraordinary task to a blessing to loved ones. Furthermore, wool arrives in a wide exhibit of hues and structures, so you can customize your cuddle cover any way you like.

The Snuggie

The Snuggie isn’t exactly similar to anything the watcher has seen previously. Is it a cover? Is it a shirt? Is it a centaur-like crossover? The potential purchaser doesn’t have a clue how to classify it and can’t contrast its cost with those of natural items. This leaves the purchaser open to recommendations about what a reasonable cost may be. The purchaser likewise doesn’t have a clue what quality to expect, and this urges him to construe an incentive from cost. “At the point when washed, it sheds,” says the current month’s Consumer Reports.

“Each time we washed two Snuggies, we eliminated a sandwich pack of build-up from the dryer screen.” This incited an answer by the Snuggie individuals in The New York Times: “Because the Snuggie is intended to be utilized like a sweeping, you normally don’t need to wash it as frequently as you would attire.” (Hmmm. The site says that Snuggies are ideal for “Evening time Pub Crawls.” My theory is, you’ll need to wash it once per bar slither.) How much does a Snuggie cost? Looking at the site, you may think $19.95. That is the most well-known cost for infomercial items – a “beguile” value that appears to be such a great amount of under $20. Yet, as Consumer Reports takes note of, a $19.95 thing typically costs $5 or $6 discount.

Postage and taking care of run $7.95. Truly, you heard me right. The delivery charges are more than the likely discount cost of the Snuggie itself. When settling on a choice to purchase, customers center around the item cost, disregarding the additional items. Advertisers consequently move the expense from the “cost” to the “P&H.” California and New York occupants must compensation deals charge on the head of that, about $2. Throughout the entire existence of the world, has anybody at any point considered that into their choice to purchase?

They toss in a “free” book light. It’s referenced like it’s an interesting item in its own right, however, they don’t squander a lot of valuable broadcast appointments on it. Get the job done it to state it’s little – think “prize in an oat box.” The book light is a complimentary gift, the foundation of all infomercial pitches. Rather than selling only one item, they toss in something different for nothing, in some cases an entire cornucopia of complimentary gifts. Financial specialist Richard Thaler calls this standard “Don’t wrap all the Christmas presents in a single box.” Marketers utilize this recipe since it implies more deals at greater costs.

Now hold up a moment, I hear the doubters saying. I wouldn’t be gotten dead in something – not on the off chance that THEY PAID ME! These showcasing stunts won’t deal with somebody bound and determined against purchasing a Snuggie. They take a shot at the persuadable, those shifting back and forth among purchasing and not accepting. Regardless of whether you’re not a Snuggie persuadable, you are for something different. We as a whole decide, and the basic brain science is a lot of the equivalent.

Every slasher film closes with the “killed” miscreant springing back to life. What’s more, every infomercial closes on this “shock” bend: Buy now, and they’ll twofold your request for nothing! You get two Snuggies, and two book lights, for only $19.95 with a bullet. The mark just got more costly. You need to pay another $7.95 for delivery the “free” Snuggie (which most likely isn’t worth a $7.95 discount). Stupendous aggregate: $35.85 (in addition to any assessment). What if you need to get one Snuggie? Apologies, it doesn’t work that way. One Snuggie resembles the sound of one hand applauding (in a modest downy sleeve).

Bonus: 6 Amazon Sleeved Blanket That You Can Buy

Cbmvnc Zc Fair Island Holiday Pattern Flannel Woolen Blanket Wearable Hooded Woolen Blanket Hooded Throw Wrap Cape Cloak Robe

Brand: Cbmvnc Zc

Price: $78.19. Buy on Amazon

This thing is returnable

Size: 80″x60″

Shading: Black

• Made Of Anti Pilling Flannel, It Is More Comfortable And Warm, And The Material Is Very Soft, Which Is Warm Enough Even In A Cold Office

• It Doesn’t Absorb Any Water. Lightweight, Durable And Can Be Folded Tightly. It’S Super Soft And Feels Great. Resistant To Contraction And Wrinkling. Hooded Design That Won’T Drag To The Floor.

• Super Soft Fabric On The Outside And White On The Inside. The Perfect Winter Just Package, Watch Tv, Relax On The Couch/Bed, Read, Study, Sleep, Snuggle, Camp, Play Games, And Nap. Make The Perfect Gift For Your Family And Friends.

• Whether That Means Sitting By The Fire, Snuggling Up With A Loved One Or Pet, Piling On The Blankets, Or Having A Warm Drink, Keep Yourself Warm.

• Available In Three Sizes For Children, Adults, Parents, And Grandparents!

Aurora Borealis Premium Sherpa Deluxe Fleece Blanket with Sleeves, Sky over Lake Surrounded Forest Woods Hemisphere Print Throws Wrap Robe Blanket for Adult Women, Men, Violet Blue Lime Green Purple

Brand: Bernie Vogt-sosung

Price: $59.99. Buy on Amazon

This thing is returnable

Shading: T10

Size: 70″L x 50″W

Size 70″L x 50″W

Color T10

Brand Bernie Vogt-sosung

  • Sleeved Blanket to be worn backward: Northern Lights, Sky over Lake Surrounded Forest Woods Hemisphere Print, Violet Blue Lime Green Purple Sleeved Blanket Made with excessively delicate texture Deluxe Reversible Micro Fleece Sherpa cover with sleeves spread shoulders, arms and keep hands free, won’t slip down. Opening in the back.
  • Television Watching Robe Blanket: This wearable cover causes you to remain warm from head to toe during winter while you are perusing, playing, examining, sitting in front of the TV on a bed, couch, and so on.
  • Ultra Soft and Luxurious: Made with 260 GSM of 100% premium microfiber polyester. Designed to be sufficiently long to fold over your feet for greatest solace. Fixed with excessively delicate cushy sherpa material inside to keep you warm and comfortable regardless of how cool the room gets!
  • One size fits generally grown-up, Machine Washable. Size: 70 inches by 50 inches on Length and Width, Sleeve wide: 11″; Sleeve circumference:23″
  • Utilitarian and Practical – The sleeves take into consideration full arm mobility. Wearable Blanket won’t descend, permitting two hands allowed to utilize your PC or cellphone. Makes an extraordinary present, flawless as occasion present, similar to Mother’s present, Father’s Day present, Thanksgiving present, Christmas present

PAVILIA Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves for Adult, Women, Men | Warm, Cozy, Extra Soft, Microplush, Functional, Lightweight Wearable Throw (Wine, Regular Pocket)

Visit the PAVILIA Store

4.6 out of 5 stars 3,186 appraisals



Price: $21.99. Buy on Amazon

Size: Regular Pocket

Color Wine

Pattern Solid


Thing Weight 1.2 Pounds

  • Wearable cover with sleeves that is ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable while staring at the TV, relaxing on couch/bed, gaming, or perusing a book
  • Agreeable and Luxurious – Made with a delicate, comfortable microfiber texture and intended to be sufficiently long to fold over your feet for greatest solace
  • Useful and Practical – The sleeves consider full arm portability and the front pocket can store your cell phones and fundamental!
  • Great Construction – Made with 250 GSM of 100% premium microfiber polyester. Huge arm sleeves opening; Makes a magnificent present for your friends and family during any occasion and events!
  • Size: 70” x 50” and fits generally grown-up, men, ladies | Available in 11 hues – Black, Charcoal, Brown, Latte, Navy, Light Gray, Wine, Sea Blue, Cheetah, Plaid Red, Plaid White | Care Instruction: Wash independently in chilly water, tumble dry low; Our cover with sleeves gets milder with each wash!

PAVILIA Deluxe Fleece Blanket with Sleeves for Adult, Men, and Women| Elegant, Cozy, Warm, Extra Soft, Plush, Functional, Lightweight Wearable Throw (Charcoal)

Visit the PAVILIA Store

4.5 out of 5 stars 1,010 appraisals

Price: $19.99. Buy on Amazon

Shading: Charcoal

Size 50 x 70 inches

Color Charcoal

Pattern Solid


Thing Weight 1.2 Pounds

  • Ideal for staring at the TV, relaxing on the couch/bed, perusing, considering, messing around, or resting.
  • Rich and Comfortable – Made with excessively delicate texture; Special structured fake hide handcuffed sleeves; sufficiently long to fold over your feet for greatest solace.
  • Useful and Practical The sleeves consider full arm portability and the front pocket can store your cell phones or eliminate controls. Wearable Blanket won’t descend, permitting two hands allowed to utilize your PC or cellphone. Makes an extraordinary present for Mother’s Day or loved ones.
  • Great Construction Made with 260 GSM of 100% premium microfiber polyester. Bound sleeves with “bunny hide”- like polyester for a dash of polish.
  • Size: 70 x 50 | Available in 9 Colors Black, Charcoal, Brown, Latte, Navy, Light Gray, Wine, Sea Blue, Cheetah | Care Instruction: Wash independently in chilly water, tumble dry low | Our cover with sleeves gets milder with each wash!

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Warm Fleece Robe with Hood, Plush Sherpa Big, and Tall Bathrobe

Price: $59.99. Buy on Amazon

Fit: True to estimate. Request a common size.

Shading: Black With Sherpa

  • We realize that perhaps the greatest downside to purchasing garments online is the way that you can’t attempt the item face to face – that is the reason we retain that hazard for you. Request this rich robe now and on the off chance that you are not fulfilled, you can restore it for a full discount, no inquiries posed.
  • WARM AND PLUSH – This warm robe for men is produced using extravagant 330 GSM coral wool to keep you warm regardless of how low the temperature drops. Appreciate the solace of rich microfiber downy consistently as a component of your morning and night schedule.
  • Huge HOOD AND POCKETS – This extravagant robe includes a free hood to keep your ears warm without pulling down on your neck. Moreover, this robe highlights two huge pockets that are large enough for your telephone and warm enough for your hands.
  • Internal AND OUTER TIES – This robe includes an inside bind conclusion to keep your robe secure regardless of how you contort, turn, or twist and a customizable external belt tie for an ideal fit.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF RELAXATION – An agreeable robe is a mindful method of letting him know “You have the right to unwind” – making it the ideal present for Christmas, Father’s Day, or his birthday.

MP2 Fleece Heated Blanket Wrap Shawl, Wearable Electric Poncho Throw with Buttons, 3 Heating Settings and 2 Hours Auto Shut Off, 50″x 64″ Sefoam

Brand: MP2

4.5 out of 5 stars 150 evaluations

Price: $49.99. Buy on Amazon

Size: 50″ x 64″

Shading: Seafoam

Size 50″ x 64″

Color Seafoam

Brand MP2

Thing Dimensions LxWxH 12.5 x 15.5 x 4.5 inches

  • Quick HEATING and AUTO SAFETY SHUT OFF: MP2 warmed cloak highlights security applications, for example, TWO-Hour Auto Shut Off Timer just as THREE Heat Settings to best meet your requirements. Consequently kills the warmed cover following 2 hours of consistent use to save vitality and forestall inordinate warming. The sans hands warmed wearable cover permits you to move your arms without relinquishing warmth
  • Comfortable COZY and SOFT: MP2 electric cover with wearable structure is produced using extravagant and delicate 200 GSM wool microlight texture. After various washes, the shading doesn’t blur or stain to leave the texture sans pill and sans shed. The material won’t cause any disturbances, for example, irritation to give you most extreme delicacy
  • Flawless SIZE/COLOR: MP2 warmed rain guard fit around your neck and shoulder keeping your body warm. Coming in 6 unique hues in 50 x 64″ size to fulfill various guidelines and to add a delicate touch to your style. This electric toss cover is flawless as either a present for ladies, men, youngsters, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Valentines, and different events
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The texture is machine launderable, simply unplug the regulator and throw in the clothes washer. Machine wash in chilly water and delicate cycle.
  • SAFRTY FIRST and QUALITY ASSURANCE: No voter attractive discharges and is UL/ETL confirmed security standard. AFTER-SALE SERVICE: MP2 Wearable cover offers 100% fulfillment with a 5 years guarantee. We likewise offer full discounts on things returned inside 30 days. Anyway MP2 and all post-buy client assistance applies ONLY to new buys from HH Holding

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