Blanket Ponchos: How To Make and Recommended Products

Ponchos are mostly made of blankets. Because you need a large piece of cloths. They are unique and utilitarian outerwear. They are both comfortable and stylish pieces. You can cover yourself with chic blanket ponchos and you look very stylish easily. They offer many styles. You can tie them differently in order to get different looks. 

Even though they can be cut and produced from different fabrics and cloths, blankets are the most preferred ones. They are easy to create and easy to produce outerwear. They are suitable for each size. You can easily create according to your desire, you want, and your need. You can produce also for your family. It will be a great gift idea as well. 

Poncho blankets are clothes that are generally preferred by the Spanish people and have an important place in Spanish culture. But it has found a place for itself in every culture. There are various types of poncho blankets as well.

Poncho blankets are usually pieces of clothing designed to leave openings in the head and shoulders. It is usually used as outerwear and during the autumn season. Styles, lengths, patterns, and fabric types can vary widely. Or you can knit yourself in the model and shape you want.

Ponchos were originally designed as a blanket garment. They are preferred because they keep the body warm. Longer blanket ponchos were generally used by horseback riders. In the following years, it started to be produced using rain-proof fabrics to repel moisture. Blanket ponchos keep the body cool and protect you from rain.

Blanket ponchos were originally a garment used by soldiers of the indigenous South American and North American people during the war. Later, it started to be used more and more widely all over the world.

As time progressed and in the 2000s, people started to use poncho blankets as a fashion item. More modern models have been developed and sold commercially. Although these ponchos, which are generally produced as an alternative, are put on the market as preferred by both men and women, they are preferred more by women.

Blanket ponchos are available in a wide range of designs. The fabrics of blanket ponchos sold as fleece, crochet, cotton, and waterproof canvas are actually still produced with the Spanish theme. It is possible to find ponchos in many different patterns, colors, and styles.

Blanket ponchos are adapted to the cultures and produced in original designs and shapes. Despite this, they also preserved their essence. Ponchos, which are a fashion item, are popular both in eastern and western cultures. There is no doubt that it will continue to be in trend and showcased by fashion designers. 

How to Make a Poncho From a Blanket

You need to start with finding a blanket which is as much wool as you can use. Then, measure a shirt in order to find out how wide you need to cut. It can be a little bit bigger than your original size in order to feel comfortable when you wear it during cold winter days. After that, make a T cut in the middle of the piece you have already cut. If you think that the cut is very small, you can enlarge it a little bit on each side until you make sure that it fits over your head. Then, bar tack the ends of the cut, thus, they will not unravel. Serge the edge to finish. After this step, you will see the result and you can easily understand it is going well or bad. 

Eventually, you will get a blanket poncho without spending so much money. You will get something done by yourself in order to keep warm during especially winter days. However, you can wear them in which season you want. You will be very satisfied and pleased with what you have produced. 

Actually, there is no need for a lot of processes for making poncho from the blanket. First, fold the blanket in half at its long ends. Make a semicircular groove for the neck from the middle of it. Make long, thin holes according to the accessory you intend to use from both sides of the waist area according to your body size. Sew around these holes with the sewing machine so that no thread comes off.

You can wear and use the poncho you have prepared properly. You can also use a tasseled blanket to add a different feature to the panel, or you can prepare and sew the tassels yourself. You can prepare the same work for your children with small size blankets.

How to Make a Flat-Edged Blanket Poncho

You need to start by grabbing a blanket. It should be in a suitable fabric and suitable size. You can arrange your blanket ponchos in the size and weight you want and you need. It is recommended to make lower than your hips. In order to determine the proper size, you can easily drape the blanket and over your head. You can easily decide the length of this method. Just in case, in any condition, it is a good idea to start with larger pieces. 

After deciding the fabric, it is time to fold it. Fold the blanket in order to meet the edges. Make it flat to arrange it. If you want to make an asymmetrical one, you need to follow different steps. Cut it in the way you want. Edges do not need to meet in that case. 

Then, you need to mark the hole to fit your head. With the scissors, you can cut easily and smoothly. It is recommended to use tape to mark the exact center. This center helps to make it suitable for your shoulder. It helps to fit perfectly on your shoulders. That hole needs to be large enough, thus, you can easily wear it over your head. In order to cut these holes in different sizes or shapes, you need to follow different steps. These ones need a little bit of good handcraft. You need to be highly careful in this step. Because you cannot take it back or make it correct after wrong cutting. 

After this point, it is done. You can wear it. However, if you want to spend a little bit more effort, you can make your blanket ponchos more durable with tiny things. By sewing a hem around the edges, you can strengthen your ponchos and extend its life. 

If you want more functional blanket poncho, you can add pockets. If you want more eye-catching blanket poncho, you can add different patterns, designs, and colors on it. These pieces can be in any shape and any sizes. If you want, you can add even a zipper. 

How to Make a Round-Edged Blanket Poncho

It is the more or less the same process as making a flat-edged blanket poncho. The main difference is there is no need to use the whole fabric you have. You need to cut a circle-shaped piece only. If you want a little bit bigger one, you can cut a little bit bigger shape. You need to mark the midpoint in order to create a circular portion. Using tape will help you at this point. In order to mark the center, you can use a pencil as well. 

Then, it is time to determine the length. According to the length you want, you can mark points on the folded edge. You need to be careful about the distance. Distances should be the same from the center point. Continue to mark points for making a circle. By keeping these points, you can create a whole circle. When you are done with this process, it is time to cut. Then, you can discard the extra material you have got. 

After all these steps, you can continue exactly with the same process with a regular blanket poncho. You can add that part to a poncho. TO make it clear and proper, it needs a little bit of effort. Then, it is ready to wear. 

Recommended Poncho Blankets You Can Easily Find On Amazon Website 

DG SPORTS Wearable Fleece Blanket for Kids with Sleeves and Pockets | Luxuriously Soft & Non-Irritating Fabric | Machine Washable | Cute Snuggle Couch Throw Cozy Cover for Boys and Girls (Hearts)

With its vibrant and colorful design, it will be your little girl’s first choice. It keeps them warm easily. It does not prevent any movement. They can play, study, run, read, and do whatever they want while wearing it. Thanks to its long sleeves and pockets, it is even more functional and convenient. Your little girls can put everything in their pockets and carry with them. It is also useful for outdoor activities. It is highly comfortable and soft. On the contrary to other heavy blankets, your child will not want to take it off. It is highly durable. You do not need to worry about stitches because they are very strong. Apart from this, it is also easy to clean. You can easily wash in the washing machine. Even though it is not the best quality, it is perfect at this price. You will be very pleased with your purchase.

PAVILIA Angel Wrap Hooded Blanket | Poncho Blanket Wrap with Soft Sherpa Fleece | Plush, Warm, Wearable Throw Cape with Pockets

It is a wearable blanket with a hoodie. It gives warmth and style at the same time. It is very soft and comfortable. You will not want to take it off. It fits everyone easily because it has adjustable buttons. There are 2 pockets on it. It is very functional and convenient. It is made from polyester and plush Sherpa. You do not need to worry about cleaning at all. It is easy to clean and easy to care for. You can wash it in the washing machine easily. The colors will stay for a long time without fading. There are different styles and colors available to choose from. These designs are black, checker red, checker White, cheetah, gray, light blue, light gray, wine, teal, sea blue, purple, pink, and navy. It completely depends on your style. It is comfortable, attractive, and very soft. You will be very pleased with your purchase at a highly affordable price.

Comfort Spaces Glimmersoft Plush to Sherpa Pocket Hooded Angel Wrap Ultra Soft Wearable Poncho Blanket Throw

It provides ultra-comfort and warmth. It is highly stylish home wear. There are two pockets on it. It is not too long or too short. It is in a perfect size. It does not prevent you to maintain your daily life activities or leisure activities. It gives a cuddling feeling. It is easy to clean and easy to care for. You can wash it in the washing machine. The only thing you need to take care of is the water should be cold. Otherwise, it gets shrink. The hood is also in good size and good shape. It is definitely a perfect investment. Overall, it is worth each penny you are going to spend on. 

throwbee Original Blanket-Poncho

The company claims that is the best poncho blanket you can find all over the world. It is a definite must-have product. You are going to be covered by soft and fluffy blankets in seconds. You can wear them in any activities, such as sports, barbecue, night parties, traveling, and even more. It is suitable for any age. It is easy to clean and easy to care for. You can easily wash in the washing machine. It is super soft, super comfortable, and super convenient. It is exactly what you are looking for as a poncho blanket. While keeping you warm, you will not even realize there is something on you. Because of the fact that it is light weighted. Apart from all these benefits, when you buy one blanket, you donate blankets to dogs as shelters. You give comfort to the dogs as well with your purchase. Overall, you will be highly pleased with your purchase. 

COOFANDY Unisex Casual Hooded Poncho Cape Cloak Fashion Coat Hoodie Pullover with Pocket

These products are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They are light, soft, comfortable, and highly durable poncho blankets. You can wear them all around the year, during each season. It has a very functional, convenient, and stylish design with its hoodie and pockets. It has an adjustable design to fit each size. You will look very cool in it while keeping warm. They can be worn as sportswear, home wear, or outerwear. They are perfect for both men and women. You do not need to worry about the cleaning phase as well. You can wash it in the washing machine easily. There are different color options available to choose from. These colors are army green, black, dark blue, dark grey, grey, and navy blue. It is going to look at you the way you want. 

Ontel Huggle Hoodie – Hooded Robe Sweatshirt

They are oversized poncho blankets with a hoodie. They are suitable for both men and women. They keep you warm and comfortable. The feeling is very soft. You can cover yourself from head to toe. They are perfect for both home wear and outerwear, even for camping. There are different color options available to choose from. These colors are blue, burgundy, charcoal grey, and sea blue. They come as a pack of two. It has an amazing cozy feeling. Overall, you will be satisfied with your purchase. 

Jay Franco Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Unicorn Throwbee – 2-in-1 Wearable Kids Plush Throw Blanket Poncho

It has a colorful and fun design which is perfect for little girls. It adds a fashionable touch to your little one’s home-wear clothes. It provides coziness, comfort, and warmth. It is perfect for both night sleep and Daily activities. It can be easily cleaned and washed in washing machines. If you create a smile on your little one’s face, it will be a great gift option. It can be easily worn, stored, and carried. There are a different color and design options available to choose from according to your little one’s preferences. These colors are JoJo Siwa – lilac, Minnie Mouse – pink, Monster Jam – green, Spiderman – red, and Toy Story – blue. It is a highly recommended product. 

Futurino Women’s Bohemian Aztec Print Blanket Poncho Hoodie Cape Shawl with Tassels

It has a bohemian design with vibrant colors. It is made of acrylic which feels like cashmere. It is very soft. It can be worn as outerwear as well. It is highly fashionable and stylish. It keeps you warm and gives comfort. You can easily move with these poncho blankets. It is easy to care, easy to clean, and easy to store. Customers are very happy with their patterns and colors. There are different color options available to choose from. These colors are green, blue, red, coffee, dark brown, dark red, hot pink, black and white, bronze, and burgundy plaid. These colors are with different patterns. There are different ways to wear as well. Depending on where you are going, you can adjust to your style. 

uideazone Wrap Hooded Blanket | Women Men Throw Poncho Wrap with Soft Sherpa Fleece | Plush, Warm Wearable Blanket for Snapping Sofa Coach Lounge

They are highly soft and comfortable poncho blankets. They are perfect for all activities you can do at home, even for camping and traveling. They are made of high-quality material, kind of silky, but definitely soft. Even though they are not heated blanket, they keep you extremely warm and cozy. They are not very thick or very thin. They are exactly how they supposed to be in order to keep you warm not overheated. You can wear then all around the year during each season. As a gift, they are good options as well. There are different color options available to choose from. These colors are black, black cactus, black Christmas, black dinosaur, black and red, blue, blue mermaid, green flamingo, light gray, light grey, multicolored, orange, pink, purple, purple and black, unicorn, white and black, and yellow. You will be very satisfied with your purchase. 

AmyHomie Blanket Sweatshirt, Oversized Sherpa Hooded Sweatshirt, Wearable Fleecehug Hoodie Blanket with Pocket for Adults & Kids & Teen

It is a perfect poncho blanket as home wear during winter. You do not need to wear anything other than that. You do not need to buy anything else. If you are afraid of cold, if you feel cold the whole winter, it is a perfect investment for you. They are made of super soft material. They provide you warmth, softness, and comfort. You can move easily while wearing it. It is a very functional and stylish home wear cloth. There are pockets on it to store your things and carry them with you. Even though it is one size, it fits both adults and children. With its wide color options, you can find the one suitable for you. With its budget-friendly price, you will be very happy and warm with these poncho blankets. 

NIUJINMALI Nice Night Bohemian Full Mandala Exotic Pink Elephant Super Soft Flannel Hooded Blanket

These are very different and very stylish ones compared to ones you can find on the market. They do not look like a piece that is cut from a blanket. They are designed on purpose with Bohemian style. They are available in different sizes for both adults and children. They are large enough to cover your body and provide warmth and comfort. They are made of light weighted and durable material. They are super soft and comfortable. There are different colors and Bohemian designs available to choose from. These are the peacock, paisley, baseballs, bear creek, bird feather, black cats, Boston dog, dream catcher, dragon, dinosaurs, deer, daisy, cheetah, burritos, flag dog, gray wolf, hedgehog, Humburg, ice cream, koala, marble, New York, Oasis, panda moon, Paris tower, penguins, pink elephant, ramen noodle, rugby, sky, sloth, smiling cat, star, succulent, thoughts, tree seasons, turtles, United Kingdom, wings, and wolf. They can be worn even in the spring and summer seasons. With its highly affordable prices, they are one of the most preferred poncho blankets.

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