Blanket Organizers in a Nutshell

In the decoration part of the homes, it is important to take care of the organization of the blankets because their sizes are quite large and they constitute a big part of our lives. In the organization of the blankets, there are many ways of doing such storage. For example, you can think of using blanket baskets, some closets dedicated to only use of the blanket storage, or vacuum bags. In this text, I will provide you a very convenient way of doing this storage by using blanket organizers.

Blanket organizers provide a great way of doing storage and you can use it for many purposes. Throughout the text, you can find detailed information about the meaning of the blanket organizers, what they can be used for also the further details related to what else you can use these basket-like bags can be used for. Moreover, in the last section, you can find several exclusive blanket organizer products that are listed on the Amazon website. If you are interested in buying you can have a look at the last part of this text and buy them online.

What Is a Blanket Organizer?

Blanket organizers provide a very easy way of use for the storage of the blankets. In general, those organizers are made of fibers like wool, cotton, or polyester. Thanks to their such feature, you do not need to save a large space for the storage of such organizers as well. If you do not use them for a while, you can just fold them and store them in a small space of your closet, or even smaller spaces. Unlike large boxes, blanket organizers provide you a lot of benefits, and one of them is cost saving. Blanket boxes or baskets might seem pretty decorative for you; however, if you are thinking about buying a blanket storage box you should be also ready for paying much more money for your storage need.

Those storage boxes are made of more expensive materials, unlike organizers. Those materials can be listed as metal, rattan, bamboo, plastic, etc. Also, it is not so easy to locate the blanket boxes because they constitute larger spaces compared to the organizers and such as you cannot hide a blanket box in your closet. Moreover, they are heavier, and when you fold a lot of blankets and store them inside box storage, it becomes even harder to move those storages from one place to another as they become heavier together with the heavy and large-sized blankets. Especially king size blankets make it even harder to contain and fit inside of boxes.

For What Purposes Blanket Organizers Can Be Used For?

Blanket organizers are mainly used for the storage and hiding of the blankets and bed linens. Those organizers are made of fabric, and this makes its use quite convenient and multifunctional. Many blankets, do not matter whether they are large or small, can be all packed in once. Therefore, the storage function comes first in describing the use of functionalities of those bags. You can fold your blankets appropriately and fit them in your organizer very easily, it is not a complex issue.

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Their containing ability brings the advantage of avoiding the mess in living rooms, bedrooms, in other words at home. You can easily pack all of the messy blankets at once and enjoy the space that you can get from the blanket organizers. Another use function comes from the space creating the capacity of the blanket organizer in itself. Depending on the size of the organizer, you can put many blankets in one organizer. There are also organizers that are having separators, so it becomes even much easier to store them properly.

Also, they can provide a decorative look as well. Especially for children’s rooms, you can have a look at the alternatives that are having animal or flower patterns on it. Those organizers are quite practical for the children’s room, especially for the babies, as they have lots of different blankets, and after a while, it becomes quite messy to have those blankets all around the room. With colorful blanket organizers, you can decorate the room, enjoy the functionality of it, avoid the mess, and put many baby blankets in it such as a lovey blanket, toddler blanket, stroller blanket, swaddle and crib blanket, and so on. Together with those functions, you can keep your baby’s blankets clean and ironed. Also, those organizers are very handy for the spaces in children’s closets. You can put the organizer to the bottom part of the inside of the closet, and maintain the cleanliness of the organizer as well.

Blanket organizers also have the option of getting air if you wish. For long-term use of organizers, blankets have the ability to make odors and this is because of the cells that remain on the blanket from our bodies and the air. Especially if you store your frequently used blankets in these bags, the increase in smell will be even more in a shorter time. The first thing you can do to prevent this is to choose your organizer correctly. You can opt for blanket organizers that provide air permeability on behalf of it.

Air circulation within the organizer can be provided by very simple means and their prices are not so high. When you look at the organizers already on the market most of the air circulation feature is available. You can keep your blankets quite fresh thanks to a piece on the sides or top of the organizer. Another technique that you can do to prevent the smell that is caused by the cells that are emitted from our body is to use some cleaning techniques. Wool blankets, in particular, have a higher capacity to hold cells inside of the blankets. If you have wool and cotton blankets you should pay extra attention to the first cleaning stage.

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In the meantime, we should give our warning. Make sure they’re clean before placing your blankets inside the organizers, otherwise they’ll smell even more. You can even cause bacteria, especially if there is liquid or sticky tissue on the blankets. When you put a few blankets together, the blankets that are dirty can also cause the clean ones to get dirty. Now you can use some cleaning techniques. The first and most basic cleaning recommendation is to air your blankets. You can air your blankets on your balcony, on your terrace, in your garden, or in the most air-conditioned room of your home. Although the ventilation technique might seem quite simple, it will benefit you a lot.

You can air your blankets on your balcony, on your terrace, in your garden, or in the most air-conditioned room of your home. Although the ventilation technique is quite simple, it will benefit you a lot. Another suggestion will be for the use of detergent. You can clean your blankets with soap or washing soda after use and before storing it. When doing the washing process, make sure to wash according to the type of blanket. In addition to these suggestions, you can put a bar of soap between your blankets. Bar soaps, which are natural and fresh, will be very useful to protect the smell of your blankets and keep them clean.

Although the main purpose of using a blanket organizer is to keep the blankets out of sight, it is also a good advantage to be able to see what is inside of the organizers. To ensure this, you can also have a look at the organizers with transparent borders. Thanks to the organizers with transparent surfaces, you can easily see the blankets you have placed by folding them into so that you don’t have the problem of losing your blankets. Thanks to these transparent organizers, you can easily protect your blankets and find their place easily without the problem of losing them.

You can use blanket organizers, which are very convenient for long-term storage, not only for your blankets but also for your clothes and other household products. Fitting many clothes into closets becomes almost like torture over time, yet the need to create alternatives for storage spaces arises. The first things that come to mind as clothing storage space are usually boxes after cabinets, but creating this kind of storage layout will probably prevent you from saving space inside of the home. At this point, I strongly recommend you to have a look at blanket organizer alternatives for your clothes.

Blanket organizers serve a very practical solution for the dozens of clothing storage. Furthermore, just like in the case of blankets, if you buy an organizer with a transparent surface you can find the placement of your clothes very easily. Especially it is not very easy to find more space for winter items of clothing. Sweaters, scarfs, hats, down jackets, they are all covered so much space in the closets. At this point, you can think of buying an organizer at the size of what you need, and you can fill it with all of those clothes, then vacuum it and save so much space for your summer clothes.

The smelling problems are also valid for the clothes as well, especially for winter wearings that have the wool as main material body cells are much more common on those clothes, and in storing stage you should pay attention to the cleaning dimension of them as well. You can put soap bars between the layers of clothes too so that you can have a natural perfume smell on your clothes in a very easy way.

Another type of item where space saving is concerned is pillows. Since pillows are large in size and volume, often finding storage space for them becomes a big problem. Placing the pillows on top of the box may become a problem for storage areas because the closing of the box cover is a problem, in this case, the most logical solution proposal is the blanket organizers. Especially if you can find a blanket organizer that has a vacuum function you can put almost three pillows in one organizer and even more. Vacuuming is a perfect solution for pillow-like products, in this case, we cannot recommend an organizer that has an air ventilation system, but you do not need to worry about it in that situation.

Other than those products that are listed above as blankets, clothes, pillows, you can also use blanket organizers as a container for the plush toys of children. Especially you can use vacuum organizers to save much more space as well. For children’s rooms, you can have a look at the alternatives such as smaller or patterned ones. Also, with the help of the transparent blanket organizers, you can see what is inside, so that you would not lose or try to look for all of the baskets.

Where Can You Place Blanket Organizers?

Storing the blankets, clothes, pillows, or stuffed toys was the easy part. The matter is where you can be able to place your blanket organizers. In this part, you will find solutions for the placements of blanket organizers. As they are large in size, especially if they are filled with large blankets, it becomes an important problem to where to locate them because although those organizers benefit us very well in terms of saving lots of space, having them in the middle of our rooms would be nothing but a dead area of usage.

The first suggestion comes as an alternative space-saving idea. You can place your organizer under the beds. Especially if your bed’s legs have a high length it is much easier and beneficial for you to store the organizers in such dead areas. However, there is an important point that you should pay attention to before buying blanket organizers and locating them under the beds. Bed bottoms are one of the most suitable areas for pollination in our home. The reasons for this can be listed as the fact that the underside of the bed is very close to our foot level and the dust first passes from the floor to the underside of the bed when the door is opened or closed.

In addition, dust that flies in the air over time due to the effect of gravity to the ground and starts to accumulate under the bed. At this point, you need to pay attention to whether the surface of your blanket organizers is covered with fabric or materials such as nylon. If your organizer is nylon, there is no need to worry because products with nylon texture do not hold dust on them, and even more you can get rid of dust immediately with the help of a small piece of cloth.

However, if your organizer is fabric, you should pay attention because the dust that flies in the air easily sticks to the fabric made of blanket organizers, and stays on them for a long time. And the only way to get rid of them is to wash the promoter. It can be as painful to put back as it is to empty the contents. I thought it would be helpful to warn you about this, so I hope it helps. If the only place you can still place it is under the bed, you might want to put nylon on it. If you want to put the organizer on the base of your bed, be very careful about the weight because you may cause the bed to collapse. It is worth not putting too high weights on the base parts. In these parts, for example, you can vacuum up the pads you have vacuumed into the organizers or the plush toys that are no longer used.

Another use suggestion is coming from the use of another dead space. It’s not so hard to predict this dead space; it’s closet tops. This can vary from person to person and according to the style of the Cabinet, for example, this is not possible in cabinets ranging from floor to ceiling, but it is possible to place a small or medium size blanket organizer on the top of a standard cabinet. Placing the organizer in this section will help you in many ways. First of all, you don’t have a problem with dust in this part. As we mentioned earlier, dust falls on the ground due to gravity and the organizers on the wardrobe are much less likely to dust than on the floor. In addition to these, it is also a good place for organizers to take off wardrobe tops. In this area, the level of air ventilation is very good. Besides, when they’re on the top of the closet, they’re way out of sight.

Furthermore, the third usage suggestion comes for table bottoms, where only the top part of the desk is used. You can keep your blanket organizers under the table, provided that they use their size appropriately. You can put some of them under your desk, especially if the size is appropriate, and you can stretch your feet on them while sitting in the chair. In this way, you will be able to evaluate both your dead areas and save space from your excess belongings of blankets, clothes, etc. However, there is a point that we want to draw attention to again, as we mentioned in the bed section, you may also experience the problem of dusting for the organizers that are placed under the table. You may have the problem of sticking dust to your organizers of the fabric type. At this point, we suggest you choose the ones that are having nylon surface more.

You can also use them as part of your room decoration. These organizers can match with the home styles that have the spirit of minimalism. As this is a part of space-saving, it matches with the minimalist lines of decoration. At that point, you should mind the color of the organizer that you choose.

In terms of room selection, I suggest you place your blanket organizer in your bedrooms. Bedrooms are the places that get dirt less compared to the other rooms of the home. In addition to that, it is better to have them less visible in other rooms like the living room or study room. As they are part of saving some space inside the home and doing storage as much as possible, it is better off to move them into our sleeping areas. Therefore, bedrooms are the perfect area for locating your blanket organizer. Also, the bedrooms are the places where we place our closets most often. Inside of the closets, you can place your blanket organizer. In doing so, you can make it totally invisible inside of the home, and you will not have the dust problem as well.

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For example, you can fit the winter jackets or sweaters into your organizer and when the time of changing seasons comes you can easily find what you are looking for there, and change the clothes very easily. On the other hand, when you feel cold before sleep, you can easily open your closet and you can find the blanket that you need in a quite easy way. An important point about using a blanket organizer inside of the closet is that you should not put so heavy stuff in it. Especially, if the material of your closet is not so sturdy, you might harm the balance of your closet, or break down the shelve of the closet.

The most suitable blanket organizers for the closets are the ones that are in smaller sizes, and if you can find something having a transparent side that would be even much better. Also, you can use them in the child’s closet as well. You can place the extra blankets or pillows of your child in it. However, as their closets are weaker compared to the big ones you should be careful in terms of the weight of the organizer with the stuff in it because then it might turn into something dangerous. In small moves, the closet might even fall on your child, and none of us would like to face a situation like that.

The Most Exclusive Blanket Organizers That You Can Find on the Amazon Website

So far we have listed what a blanket organizer is, usage suggestions that you should keep in mind before buying one, the places of storage that you can think about locating. In addition to this large information about that, in this part, I would like to show you some exclusive products that you can find on one of the world’s most popular online shopping website Amazon.

Aily Capacity Clothes, Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle Thick Fabric for Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Foldable with Sturdy Zipper, Clear Window

The first product that we want you to have a look at is this grey one. As you can see in the picture this one has the function of the drawer. Right now, let’s have a look at the further details about the product;

  • Firstly, let’s have a look at the sizes of it. There are two varieties if you would like to have them. Those are; 60*36*42cm/23.6*14*16.5in, 48*30*50cm/18.9*11.8*19.7in.
  • Clothing bags are produced in a very high-quality way. In the woven of the product, there is a three-comply technique that is used. Also, in order to make it much stronger, the producer firm says that they used a sewing technique in both handles and layers of fabrics.
  • Zippers are very strong. There are two-way zippers inside of the blanket organizer so that when they get dirt or dust you can easily take the sheet off and wash it.
  • There are two sizes that producers offer. You can use them wherever you want. In addition to that, as you can see, this product is very stylish. This means you can use them wherever you want. They are suitable for multipurpose. More than blankets and bedrooms are suitable for any kind of storage in living rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • All in all, this product is amazing and suitable for any kind of purpose. If you are interested in the price, this blanket organizer costs $106.69.

If you would like to have a closer look to the, you can reach it through using following link;

Amara Large Foldable Storage Bags with Zips Underbed Storage Bags with Clear Windows, Underbed Storage for Comforters Blankets Bedding Duvets Clothes Sweaters 2pcs

  • Our second suggestion is coming with a high capacity offer and material quality. Now, let’s have a look at further information about the blanket organizer.
  • First thing first, the material has very good quality. The producer firm calls this “Premium Material”. This is an OPP waterproof material, but this does not mean that it does not air. The air ventilation capacity of the product is at a very good level. Also, the material avoids dust and moisture, which means you can use it wherever you want without thinking about such problems. You can just place it on the ground.
  • This product has a very large capacity. Its sizes are 57*40*29cm.
  • There are varieties of colors that you would like to have. The colors of blanket organizers listed on the website are as follows; blue, green, yellow, gray, pink.
  • As it has a very good ventilation mechanism due to the material, the chance of bad smell is zero percent. You can use it many times, repeatedly, it has an environmental protection feature.
  • There is a transparent window opportunity in this product. In doing so, you can easily see and find what is inside. In the long term usage, you will understand how important this function is.
  • This organizer is large enough for all kinds of blankets and stuff to fit in. For example, you can easily place your king size blanket in it, or pillows, towels, etc.
  • This was another very good quality organizer for you to look at. If you are interested in the price, this blanket organizer costs $93.99. There might difference occur in the pricing due to the color of it.

If you would like to have a closer look to the, you can reach it through using following link;

AIURLIFE Underbed Storage Box with Wheel, Stackable Storage Bins with Handle Clear Window for Comforters, Blankets, Clothes Storage

In addition to the ones that we have listed so far, our third suggestion has a much more different style and use. Right now let’s have a look at to further details about the blanket organizer;

  • Firstly, this blanket organizer offers a large capacity for usage. It might seem small, but its dimensions are very good. Here are the dimensions for you; 63*39*15.5cm.
  • Its material is plastic. This feature of it is pretty good because as this is intended for the use under the bed, you will not face the problem of the dust and moisture on it densely. Also, this brings the advantage of transparency, so that you can easily see and find what is inside.
  • This organizer is quite large, you can fit quilts and pillows in it. You can put your off-season clothes, blankets, etc.
  • The handles of it are quite strong. You can slide the blanket organizer under the bed quite easily.
  • There is also a divider to organize shoes and clothes.
  • If you are interested in the price of this product, this plastic blanket organizer costs $86.83.

If you would like to have a closer look to the, you can reach it through using following link;

“Softneco” Oxford Storage Bags with carrying Handles, Waterproof Foldable Fabric Cloth Organizer for Seasonal Clothes, Comforters in Closet Blanket Bedding Pillow-A L

Finally, the fourth and the most colorful exclusive blanket organizer is a product of Softness. Now, let’s have a look at further details of the organizer.

  • Firstly, this product made of a material which is an eco-friendly material. This makes it also durable. Also, it has durable and strong leather handles to move from one place to another. You can easily carry and pull off.
  • The standing conditions of the product are very well. It has a strong construction.
  • The design of the organizer is an easy one. It is collapsible and has a zipper on three sides. You can locate it in closet shelves, under the desk, in your child’s room, etc.
  • There are three versions of it. Here are the dimensions; S For 11.8 X 9.8 X 7.5(Inch), M For 17.7 X 12.6 X 7.9(Inch), L For 21.7 X 13.8 X 9.8(Inch)
  • This product is perfect for the children’s rooms because of the beautiful patterns on it. If you are interested in the price, this blanket organizer costs $52.99.

If you would like to have a closer look to the, you can reach it through using following link;

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