Great Decoration Idea: Blanket Ladders

Blankets are products that we often use to warm or cover ourselves in our homes, bedrooms, and living rooms. It is also important where we store the products that we use very often, because, in addition to their functionality, it is also crucial that they have a stylish appearance. For those who are looking for such an alternative, we have a great suggestion for that: a blanket ladder.

Blanket ladders are versatile products in terms of both decoration and functionality. To describe it briefly, it is a ladder that helps you create a space where you can both display and store your blankets. Furthermore, it is functional for various products as well. In doing so, you can use it in many areas including balcony, bathroom, kitchen, and so on.

What Is a Blanket Ladder?

For the definition of a blanket ladder, it is important to first look at the definition of a ladder briefly. Ladders are actually products that were designed years ago to reach higher or down surfaces, with treads, that can be made from materials such as steel, concrete, or wood. These ladders can be used for various purposes such as painting walls, using between floors, or climbing. It has two options, one that can lean against the wall or the one that can stand on its own. For the second one that we mention it, there’s a second side to the balance. In this, there are steps for climbing on one side, while on the other side there are bars placed to maintain balance.

If you are looking for a product for blanket ladders, it is better to take the first option. Because the second type of ladder has two legs, it will take up a lot of space in your house. To describe the blanket ladders, these stairs have added a more decorative point of view. It is used in order to create a storage space, rather than to be concerned with achieving a height contrary to the above-mentioned objectives. It is a tool that acts as both a hanger and a rack rather than a ladder.

Which Kind of Materials Are Used for Blanket Ladders?

Blanket ladders are decorative products that can be used as shelve or hanger. When buying these decorative items for your house, it is worth looking at what material they are made of. Now we will sort out a few materials that can give you can get an idea for the blanket ladder.

Firstly, we can start with the one which is very widely used; wood. Especially the natural wood ladders are used profusely to provide stylish decoration, but the most generally known reason behind the fact that natural wood is the most commonly used is because after some time people decide to recycle their ladders in their houses that they use for daily needs and give them a decorative feature.

By removing the backside leg of the two-sided ladders or just renewing them people extend their use in their furniture. If you have an old ladder in your home, you can varnish it to make it more glorious, or paint it according to the colors of the room that you will place your blanket ladder to catch a harmony.

The second type of material used for blanket ladders is metal. If you have metal decoration furniture and you want to complete the harmony with these kinds of products, you can still choose the metal type of ladders. There are also a lot of blanket ladders that have this material. You can put a blanket ladder made of black metal next to it, especially if you have white furniture. Furthermore, by the time, you can paint according to your own wishes with the appropriate paints for the product. Only at one point, it is worth your attention, these stairs have a more slippery structure than natural wood that’s why you should hang your blankets carefully or they may fall. Also, compared to the wood, they are a bit more expensive, so if you are thinking about something cheaper, we suggest you have a look at the ones that are made of natural wood.

The third type of blanket ladder is rope ladders. They have a pretty cool design. Also, if you want you can make such ladders as well. All you need is some wicker rope, or something strong according to your wishes. If you want you can braid all of them with ropes, in the shape of ladders, or you can use some wood sticks as steps and do the length part with ropes. On online, you can find the rope ladder as the way we described the latter one because woods make it stronger and capable of carrying more blankets.

Also, if you make all of them with ropes, then it might fold by the time. Another point about rope ladders is that although you do not need to nail the normal ladders to the wall, you need to nail this one. In general, they have a part at the top side from which you can hang the whole body, but if you do not want to harm your walls and what you are looking for is something that you can move inside the home, we do not suggest you buy or look for such product.

The last type of suggestion comes from the material from which our most furniture at home is made; which is a laminate blanket ladder. Laminate is not a material of wood, it rather looks like woods. It has a synthetic combination in itself and it most commonly used for floors. It has a mixture of melamine resin and fiberboard materials.

If you would like to, this one has a more sturdy structure and you can move it as you wish as well. Its step parts are thicker so that you can hang your blanket more easily. Also, its use is quite handy for other places at home as well. As you can read at the purpose of use part, this type is suitable for bathrooms, balconies as well.

Where Can I Use Blanket Ladders?

Blanket ladders are suitable for every kind of room at home. Those options include a living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and so on. Once you start using blanket ladders, you will start noticing that they are quite handy for every kind of room. As they are easy to move, as long as you do not nail them to the wall or fix their feet to the ground, you can change their location quite easily. Furthermore, in addition to the feature of being functional, as it is an awesome idea for decoration you would like to change its place depending on spontaneous needs. Other than these, we have some suggestions for you to use in your rooms.

Firstly, I think, the best place for this product is the living room. In the living rooms, especially in the wintertime, we would like to keep some blankets around because during having rest after a short while it gets cold and we would like to wrap ourselves with something. At that moment, we start looking for something to cover our body and that is why we keep things around like blankets or some bedsheets.

The most common type of blanket that we leave in living rooms is thrown blankets. As they are small and easy to move, throw blankets are mostly preferred for living rooms because after we use them for our spontaneous needs we would not like to leave a mess behind. If you are looking for something a bit larger, you can have a look at the twin size blankets because when the blanket is too small sometimes it gets really annoying. Now if we turn back to our issue, throw blankets are the most commonly used one in living rooms but it might become disturbing to hang them over furniture because they look messy after a while.

At this point, if you are looking for something to avoid mess and contribute to the decoration, you can perfectly place your blanket ladder into your living room. As they have smaller step width they are better to accompany throw blankets. Thus, you can both have a piece of creative design furniture and a functional ladder that keeps the room away from the mess of blankets, in other words, you can hit the two birds with one stone.

The second suggestion of the use area is bedrooms. As most of us do, we like to wrap ourselves with blankets while sleeping, and not surprisingly sometimes all the room is getting full of blankets. Also, it might become really tiring to fold your dresses and put them into a wardrobe right after you come home. Blanket ladders can help you with this annoying problem as well.

When you come home and change your clothes you can hang them on the blanket ladder, and avoid messy look on your bed. On the other hand, while leaving home in the morning, you can hang your pajamas on a blanket ladder, so that when you are back home you can easily find them and change your dirty clothes. Also, those ladders can keep your clothes as proper as ironed ones, so that you do not need to think about ironing them again and again.

The third suggestion for the ladder usage area is bathrooms. Bathrooms are generally full of towels and putting many hangers all around the bathroom might not be a good option for everyone. For those who are looking for a solution for such a problem, we strongly recommend you to have a look at blanket ladder alternatives. Together with a good ladder alternative, you can find a solution for the messy look of towels in your bathroom. This is not a good option for bathrobes, but rather for bath towels or hand towels. Also, if you have bath towels that are heavy and large, I suggest you pick a ladder that is wide enough for hanging them.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the fact that if you are picking the one for the bathroom, as there are so much humidity and water drops in bathrooms, you should not choose the materials of wood or laminate. I suggest you choose a metal one. Because of the water drops, by the time, the texture of the ladder will get worse, and there might bubble occur under the laminate. In general, it is not suggested to choose wood products for bathrooms where there is water in high amounts.

Other than these, blanket ladders are a great alternative in assisting the towels to dry. You can easily hang them, and let them dry after all. I do not suggest you choose the rope ladder as well, as they are not strong enough for large towels. The best option for bathroom blanket ladders is choosing the metal one. You can combine this match with your rugs and other bathroom accessories.

Another usage area alternative is for kitchens. In the kitchens, there are lots of stuff in small sizes, and when they all come together they look like a total mess. Blanket ladders can help you figure out this problem as well. In talking about this ladder, I mainly refer to the laminate one as they have thicker and bigger step sizes where you can locate your small vases, jars, and pots. Also, you can hang the hand towels that you use in the kitchen for drying your hands as well in addition to the aprons that you use for covering your body from the dirt.

However, you should be careful that if you are using this for kitchen, you must be sure that its legs are well located because if it moves, the things located on it can fall so easily, and vases can fall down and the end scene may not be as pleasant as we think it is. You should make sure that you stick the feet part, or nail the top side. Also, you can put a little stick next to the steps, to prevent vases from falling down. Other than these, blanket ladders can give a great decorative look to your kitchens, and as they are open to creative ideas, it is in your hands to make it as creative as possible.

Other use of alternative space can be balconies. If you have plants in your balcony and looking for a space to put them all, you can get the help of these ladders. These are especially beautifully designed for common ivy types of plants. They can cover all the steps of the ladder and thus you can have a green and nature looked decorative shelve area. You can hang a piece of throw blanket here as well for the nights that you would like to cover yourself and sit in your balcony. If you choose a metal one, you can use it as an alternative for the laundry hanger as well. Especially during sunny days, it will be a good opportunity for you to dry your clothes quite easily and have something decorative. You can consider buying every kind of ladders for blanket ladders in the balcony depending on your preferences of use.

The use of blanket ladders in the rooms of children is not suggested because children might want to climb on them and fall down, which can cause hurting or damaging themselves. Also, they might stick their heads between the steps and choke themselves. As we would not want any of these happen to the children, we should be very careful before buying such furniture. On the other hand, if your child is a teenager, you can think of buying one of these, so that he or she can easily hang his or her clothes on it without causing a mess.

What are the uses of blanket ladders?

As you can get the idea from the part relating to the spaces for the use, purposes of blanket ladder use are so many. They are very functional and decorative products. In this section, I will recommend you some use alternatives that you can think of applying in your space. Firstly, those ladders are a great way of doing storage. You can store many blankets in once. Depending on the number of steps, for example, you can hang five blankets to one blanket ladder. Also, as I mentioned in the kitchen storage part, you can put many small vases to one step.

As well as storage, they have a function of displaying blankets. Especially if you have handmade, colorful, uniquely designed blankets, this can be the best way of displaying them. For example, if you have a solid color wall and couch design, you can hang a patterned and color mixture blanket to your ladder. Coupling with the display purpose, blanket ladders serve a great alternative as a decoration idea. By using natural wood ladders, you can have a bohemian atmosphere in the living room.

Also, you can design your own blanket ladder according to your wishes. It is easy to get a cozy look all around the space. You can paint your own ladder. For example, if you have a wood or natural wood ladder, you can paint it with acrylic paint. Acrylic is the best option for wood surfaces. If your blanket ladder is made of metal, you can paint it with oil-based paint or water-based acrylic paint. Also, as an easy option, you can think of using spray paints as well. You can choose gold or rose gold options for the living room.

Furthermore, as an idea for increasing the level of design in your rooms, you can hang some led lights on your ladder. You can buy one that has a 2-meter length, and wind around it to the ladder. Especially in the evening, you can use this space as an area of lightning.

In addition to the blankets, you can hang your clothes on it. This feature works very well, especially in the bedrooms. You can hang your pajamas on it, or the things you wear most. Therefore, you can easily have a throw area for yourself with a small space. Another function of this ladder is that it keeps everything on it straight so that you do not need to think about ironing clothes or blankets again and again.

Moreover, as a function of the hanger, you can hang your towels on it. Blanket ladders can serve the need of a towel dryer, but in that case, we suggest you use metal one because water or humidity is not suitable for wood or laminate surfaces. Furthermore, you can hang your high heels to the ladder as well, and by doing so, you can display all of them quite easily. You can pick whichever you want as you can see them all at once. Also, as an idea of use in the living rooms or studying part of your home, you can use them instead of bookshelves. Thanks to the downslope it provides, you can put your books and magazines to the steps.

The advantages of the blanket ladder are countless, but there is an important point that requires your attention is about leaning. You do not need to worry, it is so easy to calculate it. The rule is pretty simple, there is a rule of 4 to 1 feet. For example, if your ladder is 4 feet long, then you should move the bottom part 1 foot away from the wall. Keep the 4 to 1 rule in mind, so that you can use it for other furniture as well.

What Kind of Blankets Can Be Used for Blanket Ladders?

To put it short, smaller sized blankets are much handier to use on blanket ladders. There are varieties of blankets for different purposes, but it is not suitable to hang all of them on your ladder. At this point it is important to know that which blankets are suitable for a ladder use; otherwise, the ladder that you are about to buy will be nothing more than a piece of excess furniture having dust on it in your home.

Firstly, throw blankets are quite suitable for ladder use. Especially for living rooms throw blankets cause a messy look on the couches, so at that point, you can think about locating a ladder in your room. As they are small-sized products, you can easily fold them and hang on your ladder, so that you can keep them straight and iron as well.

Also, baby blankets are suitable for ladder use. For some further ideas, I will list the baby blankets for you. In the first place, lovey is baby’s favorites, and they have quite a small size. You can have a ladder in the baby’s room and hang those products there. Also, security or cuddle blankets can be attached to the ladder as well. There are also strollers or baby blankets.

They are designed to keep babies warm and again having smaller dimensions compared to the adult blankets, so it makes it easier to hang on to the ladder. Receiving blankets are crucial for parents and babies, and most of the time, it is essential to keep them clean and fresh. Blanket ladders can work with that quite efficiently. As parents buy numerous receiving blankets, they can hang all of them to the ladder, and take any of them in the time of need.

Toddler blankets are suitable for ladders as well with suitable blanket dimensions. Those are designed for toddlers and compared to the ones that are listed so far, they are a bit larger. Also, there are swaddle blankets. Those are designed with muslin for newborn babies and they are pretty light. You can think of having a rope ladder for swaddle blankets as they are quite light. There are also crib blankets that you can hang on your ladder. Those are designed for babies’ cribs to cover them while sleeping, and blanket ladders can ease parents’ comfort in that respect because babies might like to play inside the crib and those blankets can limit the playground area for them, at that moment parents can hang those blankets to the ladder and let their child enjoy the game.

It is also important to note which kinds of blankets are not suitable for blanket ladders. Mainly large size blankets are not appropriate for those ladders. If you would like to apply one what you will get is a messy look and sheets that are extending to the ground from the steps of the ladder. In that respect, there are blankets that you should avoid using on ladders. The first one is the Twin XL size. This size is suitable for one person sleeping alone, but we do not recommend you hang it on the ladder.

Secondly, double size blankets which are also known as a full size. Thirdly, queen size is also not suitable for the blanket ladders. In addition to these, lastly, we do not suggest you hang king size blanket to the ladder. King size is known as the largest size of the blanket, in addition to the messy look, it would also harm the balance of your ladder. In general, you should avoid using bed blankets on your ladder.

The Five Blanket Ladder Ideas From the Amazon Website

RELODECOR 6-Foot Wall Leaning Blanket Ladder| Laminate Snag Free Construction (Brown)

First one is a laminate model. If you are interested in the price it costs $48.99. It has features of;

  • It has a very good quality of laminate materials. You do not need to worry about the cracks or possible damages.
  • Its dimensions are very efficient so that you can locate as many blankets as you wish. You can find a room for all blankets.
  • Because of the material, it will protect your blankets, and keep them undamaged.
  • Its construction is done by screws not by using staples which makes it suitable for life long usage.

If you would like to have a closer look into the product, here is the link for you;

Blanket Ladder – Modern Rustic Decorative Metal Leaning Ladder Rack – 5 ft Tall Towel Drying and Display Rack, Quilt and Blanket Display Ladder

Our second blanket ladder is a metal one, and for those who are interested in price, in costs 49.95$.

  • Firstly, it is open to use in any kind of room even you can use it in your bathrooms and kitchens. Also, you can use it as a laundry drier.
  • Also, its sizes are pretty generous. It is 60″ tall and 17″ wide, and it gives you a lot of space for blankets and towels.
  • It is made of gauge steel with a solid design, and it’s bars are perfectly designed.
  • It has a very easy of storage advantage. You can separate it into two pieces and put wherever you want in your home.

If you would like to have a closer look into the product, here is the link for you;

mDesign Metal Free Standing Leaning Decorative Bath Towel Bar Storage Ladder – Holds Towels, Blankets, Throw Blankets, Quilts – 4 Levels – Stone

Furthermore, our third ladder is also a metal ladder, and for those who are interested in the price, it costs 39.95$.

  • This one has a very multifunctional characteristic. You can put your vases, magazines, books, and of course blankets on it, and in addition to them, it provides a very stylish storage area.
  • Its base part is quite safe, as you can observe from the picture, those small black pieces make it hard to move, and fall as well.
  • This product is suitable for every room in your home including basement, living room, or bathroom.
  • You can easily clean it and it is made of a durable form of material which is sturdy steel.
  • If you are interested in size, here it is; 19.25″ x 65.5″ high.

If you would like to have a closer look into the product, here is the link for you;

ABC Deluxe 4-Tier Rope Ladder Decorative Hanging Wall Towel Blanket Quilt Shelf Rustic Farmhouse Decor Wood Handmade Rack Towel Holder for Kitchen or Bathroom Vintage Shabby Chic.

Our fourth suggestion is a blanket ladder that is made of natural wood and has a rustic design. If you are interested in price, it costs 29.98$.

  • It has a great quality of material, a special selection, and its rope is quite durable as well.
  • You do not need to assemble it after buying, it will arrive as ready to use, but be careful that it’s is not for climbing.
  • It has a great advantage of rustic design. It will perfectly fit into your room.
  • Its dimensions are 29” High x 12.5” Wide x 2.5” Deep.
  • It is multifunctional and you can use it easily in your home.

If you would like to have a closer look into the product, here is the link for you;

Blanket Ladder in Distressed August Gray

Our final suggestion is a very chic one which is done by using solid wood. If you are interested in the price, it costs $135.05.

  • It will give your room a very casual look
  • It is made of eucalyptus solid wood
  • You do not need to assemble it.
  • Dimensions are; 24 in. Length x 3 in. Wide x 68 in. height.

If you would like to have a closer look into the product, here is the link for you;

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