Ideas for Blanket Gift Sets

Blanket gift sets simply consist of what you would like to add to your gift package in addition to a blanket alternative. Depending on the tastes of the person you will buy for, you can add mugs, chocolates, sleeping accessories, etc. Also, there are important points that are needed to be taken into account while choosing the right blanket such as size and material. They are a great alternative as a present because blankets can be used for a long while; furthermore, by doing so, you give that person a memory that will remind you for the rest of his or her life.

Sometimes it gets pretty tough to find the proper gift that you will buy for your mother, girlfriend, or boyfriend, etc. Especially on special days like valentines day, mother’s day or at the Christmas time, and blanket gift sets can be the best opportunity that you can have a look.

In this text, we will provide you some more detailed information about those gift sets, some suggestions that you can include to your set, and a personalized range of options that you should take into account before buying. Also, in the last section, you will find a range of opportunities that you can think of adding to your gift set.

What Time of Year Can I Prepare Blanket Gift Sets?

You can prepare these gift sets at any time of the year, but our special recommendation is to give them on special days that are around winter or autumn seasons. One of the best times for this gift set is Valentine Day which is on the 14th of February. Especially the fact that this day is celebrated in the wintertime, it is much better for you to have a look at this kind of gift set.

You can get romantic gifts that can make him or her feel your love, and show that you think about it, as well as make your partner happy. You can add things to your gift basket, not just for him or her, but also for the things that you can use as a couple. As February is a quite cold month, you can make sure that the blanket you choose is thick enough for the blanket set that you will prepare for Valentine’s day. As a color option, you can also look at red or burgundy, which is defined as the color of love and passion.

Another important day of the year is mother’s day. This is a day that is celebrated in more than forty countries around the world to honor the contribution of mothers to their children. The date of Mother’s day varies according to countries, but in general, it is celebrated on a day between March and May. It is celebrated in America and many countries as the second Sunday of May, so its date changes almost every year. The first thing that comes to mind for this special day, which is warmer days of the year, is to buy flowers for mothers, but blanket gift sets offer a pretty good alternative for these days as well.

Don’t let this day’s proximity to the hot summer months deter you from adding blankets to your gift basket because there are also blanket options available for comfort in the summer months. Breathable, linen, or cotton-woven blanket options are also frequently used in the summer. It is important to pay attention to the material of the blanket that you will add to your basket. If you want to choose something fluffy, you should also mention that you are buying it for the winter months.

Another important day of the year is father’s day. Like Mother’s day, this day is celebrated in many countries all over the world, which is held annually to honor the contribution of fathers have done on behalf of their children. Father’s day is celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June, but it is celebrated on different dates in different countries. You can also review this basket idea for fathers as well.

Don’t get mystified by the hot summer months, as for Mother’s day, you can choose the options that are breathable, provide air circulation, and can be made from materials such as linen and cotton. You can have a look at thicker, polyester, or wool materials if you are going to buy them for use in winter. In addition to the blanket, you will add to the set, you can create a great blanket gift set for your father, along with the products you think he will like. Later in the text, there are sections where you can get an idea of the gifts you can add to the set.

Besides the special days mentioned above, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, and father’s day, it would be nice to choose these gift baskets for birthdays as well. It will be quite nice to have these baskets prepared for your loved ones on their birthdays that show that you care about them. You can also consider this set for newborns at baby shower parties. As you know, babies have many needs and there are many options when it comes to buying gifts. The idea of making a gift set with these things sounds pretty good because the size of the things you’re going to buy is small and so that you can locate them into your gift set quite easily.

Blankets are very important for babies. After they come out of the womb, blankets provide a great convenience for them to feel safe, sleep comfortably, maintain their body temperature at an optimum level, and protect them while they get used to the outside world. As for the type of blanket, you will put in, there are many types of blankets available for babies. For example, you can opt for a swaddle blanket, toddler blanket, or receiving blanket. A large number of receiving blankets, especially for newborns, makes things very easy for parents. You can give a very useful gift by adding many products with the ideas which we give about the products you can add to the basket to the gift set you will create with these blankets.

Ideas for What You Can Add to Blanket Gift Sets

As you can easily grasp from its title, the first product you are going to add to these sets is a beautiful blanket that you like for the person you would like to give a present to, and you think he or she will enjoy it. In addition to a nice blanket, here is a list of things that you can have a look and add to your set.

If you are preparing this set for a friend or your lover, you can add a double cup mug set in your set that you can use together. You can prefer those mugs that have your favorite movies, patterns, animals, or with your initials on, and by doing so you can have the opportunity to make this set special for the person you are preparing for. If you are a couple, there are couple-mugs as well. Also, you can order mugs that have your pictures on them, a picture of you when you have a great time.

You can use these cups while sipping your tea or coffee from mugs wrapped in your blanket on a cold winter day. And to make this moment even more fun or romantic, you can add a movie to it. The second piece of advice that you can add to your gift set might be the kind of movie that the person who gets the gift likes. You can gift a DVD of a movie he or she has never seen before, and you can enjoy the movie with your friend alongside your coffees.

Another product you can add to your set is room fragrances that are known as reed diffusers. Especially if you are preparing this set for your mother, she will love this idea. You may prefer more intense fragrances for the winter months and floral for the summer months, or scents that may provide an ocean freshness, and mist feeling. This gift with your blanket will match really well.

If you want to add another product to your gift set, you can choose natural soaps that take the scent from the pure properties of flowers. For example, natural soap made of pure oranges or lavender can make your mother or girlfriend very happy. Next to the blanket that you choose, you can buy a soap having similar colors to your blanket with different scents.

If we follow the range of gifts that target scents, the other product we can recommend is candles. These candles, which may seem simple but contribute to the creation of a highly romantic atmosphere, can become indispensable gifts. The candles that will add elegance to the environment alongside the blanket should be considered when preparing your gift set. Here are some romantic candle scent ideas; vanilla, rosewood, red roses. You can purchase products consisting of a single large or many small candles placed in a glass jar or cardboard according to your preference. Smells are definitely an integral part of the gifts that you must take into consideration.

If we go back to the idea of buying mug cups, you can also add a box of coffee or tea that the person you’re buying loves to the set. You can also opt for herbal teas. If you want to add filter coffee or tea itself directly, putting the french press next to the gift will make the person that you are preparing your set for very happy. Next to the blanket, you can gift a triple Gift Set with coffee, a stylish mug, and a french press. We strongly recommend you to not to forget to consider the pleasures of the other person when preparing all this. In addition to that triple set, you might think of adding a beverage coaster as well. There are very beautiful designed coasters that you can have a look to add to your set.

If you are buying this gift to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or mother, it may be very thoughtful to prepare a set of things that they can use before sleep. When preparing this set, you can start with creams first. Women love to put cream on their chapped hands before bed or when they go out, especially in cold weather. You can also gift them little creams that will protect their skin on winter days, which they can put in their bags. It will be a very thoughtful gift next to a soft blanket that keeps you warm.

You can also add the pajama set to the rest of the sleep set. The blanket you choose and the pajamas you will receive in accordance with the body size of the person you will give will make the person very happy. This kind of gift is a very convenient option for your mom, your dad, your boyfriend, your friends; in other words, pajamas are for everyone. When choosing pajamas, you may prefer satin, cotton, or silk pajamas that are breathable and will not make them sweat in their sleep.

You can also add slippers if you want to design the blanket gift set as a sleep set. You can also add booties that can be used inside the home or designed to keep feet warm while you sleep. While buying these, it is better to pay attention to the person’s foot number and the pattern and color of your blanket, so that you can match the booties with the blanket. In addition, it is crucial to note that, this gift set will be much more suitable for the winter season rather than summer. You can look into this option for Christmas, Valentine’s day, or birthdays in autumn and winter.

Another gift option for sleep accessories may be a sleep mask. Especially for women with written on, patterned, scaly options are available. However, you should pay attention to the fact that these masks have to be especially useful. It is very important that it is handy because no one wants to sweat around the eyes while sleeping or get hair in the eye when waking up.

You can also consider adding colorful socks to your blanket gift set as a joyful idea. You can also add socks to your set, which are comfortable to wear at home, and which you can vary with different colors and patterns. Socks with the person’s favorite movie characters or figures will make your set personalized and a good match with the blanket.

It is useful to be quite flexible when considering what you will add to your blanket gift set. For example, you can add shower gels in small packages that have figures on it or with special packagings. You can choose from small shower gels designed especially for special occasions and gift the person a blanket to wrap and sleep after the shower. You can add this product to your set for both summer and winter months. You can also add many different fragrances according to the preferences of the person you are going to get, such as rose, watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, melon.

You can also add a little something to your gifts that will enrich your taste buds. Especially on Valentine’s day, you can put chocolate hearts next to the blanket. Moreover, you can add flavored chocolates to this set that will enrich you with romantic ideas, and you can even add your lover’s and your own initials to the basket with letter chocolates.

Finally, you can attach the greeting card to the edge of your blanket to make the whole gift meaningful. You don’t need to buy gift cards, you can make them yourself at home by watching videos or doing some Googled research. You can make the gift much more meaningful by writing words that describe your love in it.

What we’ve listed so far has generally been what you can add to your blanket gift set for adults. Now, let’s have a look at what you can add to your gift set for babies. When it comes to babies, many needs arise and parents can not keep up with these needs after a while because it becomes really hard. In this case, you can give a great memory for baby and parents; on the other hand, you can help parents with the gift set you have prepared.

Creating gift sets for babies is pretty simple. It’s quite easy to put it all together as they already have the needs of many small items. First, it is very important that you choose a suitable blanket for the newborn. While choosing, make sure it is made of a breathable fabric. In addition, you may want to add a baby bottle to the set for example. You may prefer glass rather than plastic as it is healthier. Furthermore, you can add a bottle as well as a pacifier and a formula spoon to the set, and their animal figure and color can help you prepare a much nicer set. You can also add a soft teddy bear to the side of a fluffy baby blanket. There are blankets that can be a teddy bear when you wrap them in a specific way.

Which Types of Blankets Can Be Used for Blanket Gift Sets?

While preparing the gift set, there are points that are needed to be taken into account in terms of choosing the right blanket. Those are the proper size and suitable season conditions. In the stores, there are so many alternatives and it becomes really confusing in choosing the right product.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the texture of the blanket while paying attention to the time of the year you are gifting that set. For example, if you are about to give your gift in the summertime, we suggest you buy blankets that can provide air circulation. No one wants to sweat under thick blankets on hot summer days, so if the availability of the gift you’re buying is a benchmark for you, it’s worth paying attention to the texture of a product bought for summer. We can recommend you for the summer types of cotton and linen type blankets. You can design your gift by adding options such as soap and room fragrance next to them.

On the other hand, if you are preparing a blanket gift set for winter, the options are much more. Since blankets are basically designed to warm us and protect us from the cold, there are many more options to keep you warm. Especially if you are preparing a set for your girlfriend you can choose fluffy options. For example, on her birthday you can also choose the color from her favorite color blankets, or buy options such as red, black, purple for Valentine’s day. As a material, you can consider buying wool, cotton, or polyester woven blankets.

Another important factor besides the texture is the size of the blanket you buy for the gift set. We suggest you buy a throw blanket. The key criterion for choosing this is that these blankets are more easily placed in your gift set than others. If you buy a king-sized blanket, for example, it won’t fit in your gift set because of their huge dimensions. Throw blankets have advantages in many places because they are small. They can be laid on the sofa in the lounge, for example, and used to cover the knees. You can learn detailed information from our article about blanket dimensions. If you want to choose a larger size of a throw blanket, you can buy twin size ones that are suitable for single use. As a design idea, you can also tie a ribbon around your blanket so that it looks like a full gift wrap.

If you are going to prepare a blanket gift set for babies, it is important to pay attention to the size of the blanket because it is especially important for newborns. Also, the material should definitely be in a breathing structure because if the blanket covers their face, they may have trouble breathing and suffocate. The material we recommend is linen and muslin type breathing fabrics, and you can buy a new-born blanket size blanket in size.

Ideas to Pack up Blanket Gift Set

If you are done with the products that you will add to your gift set, you can start thinking of the ways of putting all of those stuff in. For packaging one of the ways to locate those products is a metal gift basket. You can choose shiny baskets depending on the amount and the size of stuff you have, so you need to measure the size you want so that you can purchase accordingly. Metal baskets have a shiny and modern look that can be used in many places including the living room, bathrooms, kitchen. Therefore, in addition to the stuff you bought you can also give a handy basket that can be used at home.

The second option is the wicker baskets. Those baskets can be found so easily and very profitable prices. Especially if you are preparing this set for summer this type of basket will be the most proper one for your set, and as in the case of metal baskets, wicker baskets are quite handy for interior room design as well. In order to match it with a bohemian style, you can add a cool reed diffuser inside the basket.

Finally, our third option is braided style baskets that are made of cotton rope. If you are looking for something cozy, this might be the best alternative, but you should pay attention to its size because it might not cover everything that you would like to put inside. You can choose the ones that match your blanket so that you can create harmony among the gifts you bought.

Products From the Amazon Website That You Can Add Into Your Blanket Gift Set

So far we have listed many products that you can add to your gift set, in order to give you some further ideas we will provide you some products that you can have a look at.

Chanasya 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Healing Thoughts Comfort Caring Message Print Combo Gift Pack Throw Blanket, Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Tote Bag, Socks – for Women Men Cancer Hospital Aubergine

This is a ready prepared gift set that you might think of buying. There are many products included in one bag. This design can also give you the idea of covering your blanket set into one bag. For example, you can think of packaging all the stuff for baby products for a bag for babies that mothers can use in the long run. This set includes 5 products which are a fluffy blanket made of 100% polyester material (you should be careful that this is designed for winter season), secondly an eye mask that can be used in traveling of sleeping, a foldable bag that covers all of these, socks that we have also listed as an alternative to keep feet warm, and a neck pillow which is an important essential for traveling. This whole set costs only $59,99, and it has colors of aubergine, gray, and teal.

If you would like to have a deeper look into the product, here is the link for you;

Newborn Baby Gift Set – Unisex Onesie, Hat, Plush Security Blanket for Girl, Boy

This is another gift set consists of baby products. In this set, there are products as following; a lovey blanket that is named as a security blanket, onesie, and a hat. The important part is about the material of blanket which is made of muslin, and it is at the size of a swaddle blanket which makes it perfect for the newborns as it is breathable. The price of this set is $49,90. If you want there are color options like gray and pink. You can choose gray as unisex.

If you would like to have a deeper look into the product, here is the link for you;

Hippo Blanket and Hippo Plush Toy Set | Beautiful Stuffed Hippo Toy with Unisex Baby Blanket | Soft Fluffy Blanket for Baby Girl Or Boy | Perfect Gift for Newborn Or Toddlers

This is a product that you can think of for babies. It is 30 inches wide and 40 inches long. It has a fluffy texture and in addition to that, this is a two one products because, in addition to an acute hippo toy, you can also have a very nice blanket, and it is quite suitable for everyday use. Also, the price of it is pretty affordable. This product costs $22,99.

If you would like to have a deeper look into the product, here is the link for you;

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser- Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, 5.9 fl oz

There is no limit for what you would like to add to your gift set that’s why you can think of buying a reed diffuser for your set. Nest fragrances have a very wide option scale for any kind of preferences and this is one of them. Ocean mist is very proper for the summer use thanks to the freshness it provides. Other than this there are 23 more options such as bamboo, vanilla, white camelia, Sicilian tangerine, sugar cookie, etc. It costs $48,00.

If you would like to have a deeper look into the product, here is the link for you;

UNDRESS ME XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket 21.7″ x 21.7″ x 13.8″ Woven Baby Laundry Basket for Blankets Toys Storage Basket with Handle Comforter Cushions Storage Bins Thread Laundry Hamper

This is for the packaging of the blanket gift set. You can put the stuff you bought into this basket that is made of cotton woven thread rope. Thanks to its size, it can cover many products you bought. Also, because of the material that is used, it provides a cozy atmosphere for room designs. Therefore, in addition to the blanket that you bought you will be giving a product that can be used in the long run. This product costs $28,99.

If you would like to have a deeper look into the product, here is the link for you;

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