Everything You Need to Know About Blanket Covers

When it comes to the design of spaces, we try to beautify our rooms with carpets, frames, curtains, trinkets and many other things, but there is a product that not only changes the whole atmosphere of the room but also often accompanies us in our sleep and our daily lives; blanket covers!

Blanket covers with many different sizes and patterns are becoming indispensable in our lives with the design options they offer for bedrooms. There are many advantages to using these bedclothes, which have various types of fabrics such as sateen and piqué, as well as enriching the design.

In this post, you will find much detailed information related to the blanket covers including definition, history of the blanket covers, texture, style, use, and lastly you can find the most recommended coverlets on the website Amazon. Now for a quick start, let’s have a look at the brief definition of blanket covers…

What is a Blanket Cover?

Blanket covers are also known as Coverlets, as you can infer from its name they are for the use of cover your beds. They are composed of layers of fabrics but compared to wool or thick blankets, they have a thinner style. Those are mainly used for decorating beds, so bedrooms as well. However, depending on the season of the year and the type of cover you bought, you can use it for sleeping as well.

These coverlets are mainly made up of materials like cotton, polyester, and jacquard which is the most durable one among them, but their textures do not limit the design opportunities. There are various types of blanket covers according to each one’s taste.

What Is the Difference Between a Blanket and Blanket Cover?

Blankets are made up of materials like cotton, wool, fur, etc. They are much heavier than those including duvets, quilts, comforters, etc. Furthermore, when it comes to using, blankets are intended to use for warming up people, comforting or assisting sleep; moreover, when it comes to the blankets for the babies, they have dozens of use as accessories, toys, swaddling, etc.

Unlike blankets, coverlets are not purposefully designed for sleeping. They are designed for coverage of bed beginning from the top and extending to the ground, to give a stylish look for the bedroom, to hide the other layers of sheets on the bed, and so on. Also, most of them are for the use in particular seasons of the year, and while the air ventilation is rather an unwanted condition while we are looking for a blanket, for blanket covers it is quite important to suffice that condition.

What Is the History of Blanket Covers?

The history of blanket covers dates back to the emergence of blankets which is invented in 14th Century by Thomas Blanquette in Bristol, England. He was a Flemish weaver around that time, and he produced the first blanket by using wool material. His name is very well-known because he is the one giving the Blanket’s name by his surname; however, the use of blanket-like products dates back to the times even before the invention of writing.

Products as blankets have always been a method that people had resorted to protecting both themselves and their offsprings since the period when they lived in caves. Although genuine leather or fur methods were used in ancient times, over time, people started to settle. With the introduction of the concept of bed and bedrooms, people began to use sleeping products such as blankets, which are lighter and comfortable entered into our lives.

There are varieties of blankets all around the world with different designs and textures. For example, Mexico has a style of blanket with different colors and specific patterns. Also, it has a lightweight. Furthermore, there are specific types of blankets of countries that are intended for single events such as Moroccon Wedding Blanket which is made of cotton, linen, and sheep’s wool. Actually, when you have a look at that wedding blanket, you might think that it is a coverlet rather than a blanket, but as I said before, depending on the purposes the way it is used can change according to circumstances.

After the brief history of the emergence of blankets, the first use of coverlets in America dates back to the 18th century. Around those times, while men were responsible for the duties of outside work, domestic labor was up to women. From cooking to cleaning, women were doing everything regarding housework. Furthermore, dressing up the family members was the work of women as well, but not only individuals, also the house. At that point, we can see the emergence of coverlets by women.

At that time, some people were rich enough to buy such products from qualified weavers; however, most of the women were looking for ways to produce their own coverlets for the bedrooms.

Under the colonialism of Britain, it was hard to get cotton as the material of blankets, so women rather head towards using wool as the main material. They were dying the wool with madder and indigo substances and giving geometrical designs to the blanket covers. After the industrial revolution of cotton in America, people started to use cotton instead of wool.

Why Do We Use Cotton More Than Wool?

Cotton is handier to use compared to wool for many reasons. Firstly, it has a lighter weight, so that you can use it everywhere. Also, the use of it is more suitable for almost every season of the year, whereas you can use a ball of wool materialized blanket only for wintertime.

Furthermore, for those who are sensitive to animal-friendly products, cotton is derived from the plants, while wool is gathered from animal hair like a goat, sheep, etc.

Although wool materialized blankets keep us warmer, after the expansion of cotton all over the world, we are rather directed towards cotton products everywhere including dresses, towels, and so on. This might be mainly because of the comfort and a wide range of usage cotton offers for us.

What Are the Advantages of Using Blanket Covers or Coverlets?

So far, we have talked about the definition and history of the coverlets, but we mainly focused on the design dimension of them. However, is that all? Do people use these products only to give their bedrooms a more decorative look? The answer is the ultimate NO! Right now, let’s get into the details of the advantages that using blanket covers provide for us.

First thing first, the hygiene of our beds! Our beds are perhaps the most stable place where we lie on during the day. For a person who sleeps 8 hours a day, one-third of the day is spent in the bed. Especially during holidays and lazy days, we do many activities such as reading books, watching movies, even eating in our bed, in this respect it is very important to keep this part of the environment belonging to our houses clean.

When we leave the window to let some fresh air into the bedroom, or when we come back home from work or school; in other words, after spending the whole time outside all day, all the dust and dirt is spread over our bed in particles. As a result, you are expected to constantly wash your bedclothes again and again; furthermore, not one, there are at least 3 layers of this bed linen washing that you should do, but coverlets enable us from saving both time and money. Therefore, a blanket cover can bring you with it many savings, as well as to keep your bed hygienic, clean, and fresh.

Secondly, thanks to the coverage dimension of blanket covers, you can have the opportunity of long years of durability for bedclothes. This part is also related to the first advantage. Bed linen that is continuously exposed to dust in the air gets dirty and needs to be washed, but this washing process (especially if you are doing it at high temperatures) can cause your sheets to wear out more quickly. This could turn into a financially negative situation. In addition to the fact that you can have much more durable bed sheets using a sturdy, quality blanket cover, you can do cost saving.

As I said before, the use of blanket covers is not only limited to the design notion. You can use those covers as an extra layer for warmth. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, you can also cover yourself with those coverlets as well. For example, piqué or cotton made blanket covers can help you to increase the layer of sheets keeping you warm, but a sateen coverlet will not give you the warmth you are looking for. In that respect, I recommend you to pay attention to the texture of the blanket cover that you are about to purchase.

While talking about blanket covers, mostly we refer to the beds and bedrooms, but depending on the size, style, and texture you can hang them over your furniture as well. Those coverlets can cover your couch, too, and by doing so you can keep your couch away from dirt and clean, so you do not need to think about the cleaning part. However, the size of it matters. Depending on the location of your coaches, you can design your living rooms as well.

If you are looking for something for your beds, it is still the best decision. Blanket covers will give a pleasant look that you would desire. For example, if you have a gorgeous and ornate bed headboard, by choosing a solid designed blanket cover you can highlight the grandeur of your bedhead; or just the opposite, if you have a simply designed bedroom furniture, by choosing a patterned, colorful or shiny coverlets, you can change the atmosphere of the room.

I mentioned about how blanket covers are handy when it comes to keeping clean other bedsheets. There is another dimension about the easy use of coverlets in terms of hygiene. When you want to wash your bed linens, even thinking about it can be very exhaustive, but blanket covers get dry much more comfortable and faster compared to a comforter. Therefore, at a time when you should wash your comforter, you can use those covers to save the day, rather than waiting for comforters to dry.  

In addition to the different design it brings to the bed and bedroom, you can also use such covers to hide the imperfections of your bed. For example, if you have a bed with a base, you can hide this part with a blanket cover, which you will pay attention to its dimensions, or if you want to put legs of the bed out of sight, you can look at the covers that extend all the way to the ground.

Finally, another advantageous feature of the blanket covers we can add is that they are quite light. For some of us, this feature will be convenient to use while sleeping, but it works more in the summer because no one would like to sleep cold under a coverlet in the wintertime.

What Types of Blanket Covers or Coverlets Are There ?

So far we have talked about what blanket covers mean, the short history of these covers, as well as why more cotton is preferred instead of wool, and finally the advantages of using coverlets. In this section, we will talk about which type of fabric materials are used in making blanket covers, so that you can take a look at the alternatives and make your choice accordingly.

Piqué Blanket Covers, they are mainly made up of cotton material. Actually, the name piqué refers to a way of weaving, which has a characteristic of the geometric shape of squares. Piqué coverlets are quite useful because of their breathable, long-lasting, and flexible features. Especially for the summer season, if you are looking for something that you can just wrap yourself but also prevents sweating, piqué can be the best alternative for you thanks to the ventilation it offers.

Embroidery Patterned Blanket Covers, this type of blanket cover is much preferred for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features is the fact that it is a hand-made design, unlike fabricated products, it carries a high prominence. Besides, colorful styles and patterns can give a completely different atmosphere to your room. You can also make this type of blanket yourself. You can make your coverlet personal by processing your name in the corner of your blanket case with information about the construction of the embroidery, which you can learn from the internet or books.

In addition to these, you can find a harmony between the transition colors used in the embroidery patterns and your room decoration, and this will help to make your bedroom appear as a whole, from bedspreads to walls, and to accessories.

Percale Printed Blanket Cover, those are mostly made up of cotton material, but also you can find some having a mixture of polyester and cotton 50/50. If you are thinking about a blanket cover that you can use in the summer season, in addition to the piqué, this is a good option as well because of its light-weight and breathable features.

Furthermore, because of the cotton material, they will give you the feeling of softness, although for the first time when you buy it you might get surprised that it is not as soft as you expected; this is resulting from the unique characteristic of percale printed fabrics. In order to make it softer, you can consider ironing them after washing.

Sateen Blanket Cover, if you’re tired of the matte finish of fabrics like percale printed ones, the sateen blanket covers are quite bright and dazzling with their attractive features. Although the sateen coverlets appear to be one type, there are different options in themselves, such as cotton, wool, or silk. You can examine the product according to its properties such as thickness and brightness.

Those covers are commonly preferred by the ones who have an allergy to materials like wool, etc. Also, due to sateens’ breathable texture, they are quite handy, and one of the best opportunity for those who hate sweating while sleeping. You can consider looking for pajamas that are made of sateen fabric as well.

It has a very elegant structure due to the way it is woven and it shows itself very distinctively. Especially if you use it on simple furniture will add a very nice look, if you have flashy furniture will make your bedroom look even brighter. In fact, sateen-type products are not much preferred and recommended in home textiles because of their slipperiness, but if you are one who cares about design rather than use, sateen products will be indispensable for you.

Jacquard Blanket Covers, if you are someone who cares profoundly about durableness and elegance, you are reading the best opportunity. Jacquard fabrics are woven on a special loom and a unique weaving and knitting method is used in their weaving. This type of material, which is obtained by passing the threads between the bottom and the top, can be obtained from cotton, linen, silk, or a mixture formed by all of them coming together. Especially if you prefer silk ones, you should adjust your budget big. Jacquard fabrics provide a very stylish and aesthetic appearance. It is one of the most tinselly fabrics in terms of durability, as well as the advantages they provide in appearance.

One of the most important things to note if you choose to use this fabric is that the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees when you throw it into the washing machine. The Jacquard blanket covers, which have a good cover-up feature, hide many layers of bedspreads and blankets properly. Because it has a hairless structure, it is used quite a lot in the furniture decoration industry. It is widely used, especially in elite and elegant products, such as curtains, seats, tablecloths. This type of yarn is used even in knitting.

The non-shedding feature is also another plus property. If you have decided to buy this product, you should prepare a good budget because many of the positive aspects mentioned above are reflected in the prices of these products. However, when we consider them to be long-lasting and durable, these prices will not be so expensive.

Seersucker Blanket Covers, as an option where both elegance and comfort meet, seersucker fabric is a very useful option. This fabric, which is derived from materials such as cotton, polyester, and synthetic fibers, is obtained by printing 3D geometric patterns with metal molds. It adds a visual style to these embossed folds and also contributes to their easy machine washing and subsequent use without the need for ironing. If you feel uncomfortable with this look, you can flatten these folds with an iron of your choice.

Generally, blanket covers obtained from this type of fabric are solid colors of soft tones such as white, and light blue. Hems can be deep or flat. In addition to these features, coverlets with seersucker fabric are lightweight and breathable. These sheets, which make heat dissipation and air circulation very successful, are especially suitable for use in times such as summer and spring months.

If you wish, you can find varieties such as striped, flat, plaid in many places, and in a very wide price range. You can easily find reasonable blanket covers according to your taste.

Cotton or Polyester Blanket Covers, this type of coverlet is the most widely used variety today. Polyester is known for being more durable and longer-lasting than cotton. Cotton tends to lose its color and structure, and it wears off more quickly. In addition, polyester products are more affordable. Cotton is lighter and less dense, but polyester products are not as breathable as cotton products.

Yet these two products are the first ones to come to mind in many different industries, such as bedding and clothing. Cotton and polyester, which are the most common varieties you will encounter when you go to the store or when you want to buy online, also appeal to many budgets. You can find a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes from affordable to more elite options.

Blanket Covers with Eyelet Borders, these are holes that are made to enrich the design that is opened to the borders of the fabrics, but this idea not only makes holes but also has many different options, such as pleat and crocheting. One of the products where this type of design is most applied is baby blankets such as a crib or toddler blankets. Especially the edges of your own blankets to make these eyelet borders will give you a much more elegant and elegant appearance.

The main purpose of using them is to make the design more romantic. For those who like the style of hand-made works, they will be quite favorable. You can apply or buy these kinds of embroideries to your blanket covers yourself in colors that are appropriate to the decoration of your room. Labor-intensive products may also come across as a reason for increasing the price.

Tips for Getting Maximum Efficiency From Blanket Cover Use

Our first tip is about the coverlet’s position on the bed. As much as possible, set your blanket cover as the main cover of your bed. You can hide everything with it. You can get a much more stylish look, especially if you have a case with Jacquard fabric. Other than that, you can put small pillows having colorful designs and different sizes on the bed.

Secondly, if the bedroom decoration is important to you, you should take care to choose the well-suited products for your room. These blanket covers, which are quite conspicuous by their size, will stand out even more than the carpet you will use. In doing so, for example, you can try to create a contrast with your wall colors. If you have a room with very vivid decoration, you may prefer a flatter pattern or single pattern coverlets.

There is one more important tip which is regarding the purpose of the use of these blanket covers. As we mentioned earlier, these products are rather designed to enrich room decoration, to give the bed a more elegant appearance, and prevent the appearance of clutter. So expecting the product you buy to keep you warm in your sleep would lower the yield you will get from that product. If you want to meet this expectation, you need to pay attention to the thickness and material of the product you buy.

A sateen coverlet, for example, does not keep you warm, but rather creates slipperiness, while products made from cotton or polyester are designed to keep you relatively warm. Of course, this situation will differ depending on the region you live in and the way you use it. For example, if you live in warm climates, coverlets alone will suffice, or if you cover coverlets in cold times as an extra layer (such as 2 or 3 layers) it will be very convenient.

Blanket covers, which are more appealing to summer seasons, are very preferred in this season with their lightness and easy to move from one place to another. Also known as season-free, these products are quite easy to change, so you can change them immediately on special days of the year (such as Valentine’s day) and switch the atmosphere in your bedrooms, depending on the time.

Another use recommendation is about the storage of these products. They can be folded and scaled-down, but sometimes you might have to lift them up and hide them somewhere, especially if you are thinking about buying a queen or king-sized blanket.

If you have minimal room furniture, you should revise your storage conditions before buying these blanket covers. You should be more careful, especially if you consider buying more than one. My advice to you is to use vacuum bags for such products. Those bags can keep coverlets clean, as well as it prevents dust and saves space.

Furthermore, another important point is about the size of the blanket cover. Each bed has its own dimensions, and if you want the products you buy to look stylish on it, you need to pay attention to their size. Let’s sort out some blanket sizes for you in a nutshell;

  • For Twin Size Beds – 66″ Width and 90″ Length
  • For Twin XL Beds – 66″ Width and 96″ Length
  • For Double or Full Beds – 90″ Width and 108″ Length
  • For Queen Beds – 96″ Width and “08” Length
  • For King Beds – 108″ Width and 108″ Length

Remember that it is very crucial to know the dimensions of your bed in any product you buy or what you buy, because they may look too big or too small compared to your furniture.

What Other Bedclothes Can Be Laid Under the Blanket Covers?

So far we’ve discussed what features coverlets have. These blanket covers, which we lay on our bed, hide many layers of bedding underneath. So let’s take a brief look at which layers these point to.

  • Bedspreads are again a product that will benefit significantly for your room decoration. Especially in the summer season, this product is very preferred, to cover your bed, bedspreads will be pretty useful.
  • Another product is the comforter. It is a product known for its softness and warm retention thanks to the wool or fiber in the comforters which have become the indispensable element of our sleep. It has a thick and fluffy structure.
  • Quilts are also among the products that you can lay under blanket covers. This product can be made with many different kinds such as knitting, weaving, crocheting, which will keep us warm especially in cold times such as winter season by preventing the air coming from outside.
  • Duvets, like comforters, are soft, essential bedding products for our sleep. Duvet cover covers are also used to dress them. The difference from comforters is that they have a rather more delicate texture. It can be filled with materials such as feathers and fibers, while it can be covered with fabrics such as silk, cotton, polyester. Duvet covers can be found in many patterns and colors so that you can spread elegance not only to the blanket cover on the top layer of the bed but also to the inside of your bed.

What Are the Most Recommended Blanket Covers on Amazon Website?

There are beautiful coverlets in every store and website, and this can sometimes be confusing. So we’ve compiled some in this section for you:

  1. Riverbrook Home Diamond Quilt Velvet Coverlet Set, King, Blush 3

Made from 100% Polyester material, this product includes a mattress cover as well as pillowcases that you can use for your pillows. The price of this product, which is suitable for king size beds, is $395.00.

Link if you want to have a look closely: https://www.amazon.com/Riverbrook-Home-Diamond-Velvet-Coverlet/dp/B07X3PWS43/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=coverlet&qid=1591017041&sr=8-13

2. Alicemall Country Retro Floral Quilt Set 100% Cotton Reversible Soft Boho Paisley Patchwork Quilts Bedspreads Set, King Size (Flowers, King)

This cover, which is obtained by using 100% cotton, is also suitable for King type beds. High quality and suitable for use in winter, the price of this product is also affordable, $ 93.99.

Link if you want to have a look closely: https://www.amazon.com/Alicemall-Country-Reversible-Patchwork-Bedspreads/dp/B0778FZ13L/ref=pd_di_sccai_14?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0778FZ13L&pd_rd_r=8f1cff74-22d0-45b2-acd6-70f6cf16a077&pd_rd_w=mKlGi&pd_rd_wg=n8jon&pf_rd_p=61ce50cf-2379-4458-9044-fa8b402c702d&pf_rd_r=H0XY9HDQWRJB8YA2MCCR&psc=1&refRID=H0XY9HDQWRJB8YA2MCCR

3. Jygfbsjavo Blanket/Thin Blanket/Blanke for Two Persons/Office Blankets/Air Conditioner Blanket/Napping Blanket -C 220x250cm(87x98inch)

The material of this product, which has very colorful patterns, is polyester. The price of this coverlet, which highlighted its breathable fabric feature despite its Polyester texture, is $285.00. In addition to being easily machine washed, you can also use it in many places. The dimensions are more suitable for double or full type beds.

Link if you want to have a look closely: https://www.amazon.com/Blanke-personas-Oficina-Acondicionado-Mantita/dp/B06X929QJQ/ref=sr_1_41?dchild=1&keywords=blanket+cover&qid=1591016949&sr=8-41

4. C&F Home Francesca 3 Piece Quilt Set All-Season Reversible Bedspread Oversized Bedding Coverlet, King Size, Multi-Color

This coverlet, which will become a favorite of those who can not stop using colorful products in the bedroom, is made from a 50/50 mixture of cotton and polyester. Full-Queen and Twin lengths of this product if you think buying the King Price is $ 442.00.

Link if you want to have a look closely: https://www.amazon.com/Home-Francesca-Piece-Quilt-Multi-Color/dp/B07DRMQH8X/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=coverlet&qid=1591017041&sr=8-4

5. Good Bed Good Night 3-Piece Solid Gray pre-Washed Linen Cotton Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Set Queen Size

The last alternative is for those in favor of simplicity. This coverlet, which is suitable for Queen type bed, also includes a sheath for Shams. The price of this product, which is convenient to use in the summer, is $249.00.

Link if you want to have a look closely: https://www.amazon.com/Good-Bed-Night-pre-Washed-Bedspread/dp/B07VYP1Q92/ref=sr_1_32?dchild=1&keywords=coverlet&qid=1591017041&sr=8-32

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