Blanket Baskets in a Nutshell

Blankets accompany us in a very large part of our daily lives. The types of blankets that are separated from each other according to their materials can be used in each season of the year in terms of the ease they provide to different areas of use. However, if you have blankets and are looking for solutions to store them, blanket baskets might be exactly the things that you’re looking for.

Blanket baskets actually came into our lives basically based on the concept of baskets. We use baskets for various purposes, such as storage, pots, and wastebaskets, depending on their size, and in addition, blanket baskets are used for hiding or storing blankets. Moreover, there are different varieties of them having different materials such as bamboo, wicker, or metal.

In this post, you can find out about the many shapes and material options of blanket baskets; and in addition to these, you can find a lot of ideas for their purpose of use, so perhaps you can check the size of the baskets you already have in your home and turn them into blanket baskets if they are suitable.

What Is a Blanket Basket?

Blanket baskets are also a kind of basket, and their purpose is to store or contain something in it, specifically blankets. These baskets can be made of various materials, textures, shapes, and sizes such as metal, fabric, etc. It is possible to find plain or patterned options of fabric blanket baskets.

Although in the first hand they serve the function of storage, actually these baskets are available for many purposes. This means, for example, that you can use it as a piece of design in your living room so that you can completely eliminate the clutter that is too big and mayhem. So it is up to your preference to have a very small or very large usage aspect.

You can fold them up to make the blankets store in these baskets. Especially if you prefer smaller baskets, it is much wiser to place your blankets by folding method. If you use smaller blankets, such as throw blankets, and you have large enough baskets, it is possible to store your blankets just by throwing them in so you don’t have to deal with folding them.

What Are the Uses of Blanket Baskets?

Blanket baskets are basically come out of the concept of baskets, but they got this name because of their size and purpose of use. Baskets have many usage areas in our daily lives, such as potting or the purpose of storing things. They have multifunctional features.

In this section, I will tell you some of the uses of blanket baskets, so that you can look at the baskets that already exist in your home from another angle, or consider the variety of criteria you are looking for in the product you are going to buy. For example, depending on the criteria that we will list you can have a look at those that give you some design ideas. Blanket baskets can be found in very different sizes, shapes, and material characteristics, which shape your purpose of use, but in general, we have put together the benefits of these baskets and we have made a list.

First thing first, the use of basket blankets as a part of the decoration. For some of us, it is very important to have a decorative design in the places we exist in. We try to catch a point of matching decorative objects in harmony. Sometimes we try to capture this harmony in the clothes we wear, using patterns of colors that match each other or fitting in materials such as leather harmony or silver or gold harmony.

It is also possible to contribute to your home decoration with these blanket baskets. You can accompany a lightroom layout with a light basket, or just the opposite you can create a contrast by choosing opposing colors, or a bohemian room style with wicker baskets. Not only in blanket basket sizes, but you can also make different sizes with you in addition to the blanket basket, for example, you can line them in a corner of your living room or at the corner of your bedroom; in other words, they can provide a great alternative to fill the blank spaces in your home.

Secondly, blanket baskets help us to avoid the mess. During the day, when we get back from school or work, or for other reasons, sometimes we mess up a lot of rooms such as living room or bedroom. The clothes, toys, or items we use are always scattered on sofas, coffee tables, or on the bed. Blankets also sometimes accompany this clutter, and because they are much larger in size than other items, they cut a wide swath and can make the room feel as if it is much more cluttered. But you don’t have to worry about them, because that’s exactly where the blanket baskets come to our aid. Because of their large size and deep volume, these baskets can be transformed into one of the most sacred things that can collect all this mess in one go.

You can eliminate all the clutter in a lump, especially if you have a blanket basket at the size you need. For example, when a guest comes, or you want to make some space for an additional person on the couch immediately, you can take the mess of blanket, items, etc., and you can stuff in all of them to the basket. Of course, in accordance with its texture, to avoid a messy appearance in the blankets by folding the blankets into the basket is essential at this point, and by the way, if your basket is an open on top one and splayed basket which stands in the middle of your room, you may not like the appearance of being stuffed into it. For such cases, it is better to choose the baskets with the lid on them. Also, if you are going to buy a basket to get rid of the mess I mentioned, considering the size of your room, it would be better for you to buy a more bottomless hamper.

We mentioned earlier that blanket baskets serve the help of the need for storing and hiding things, and this third suggestion is also relevant to this need. During the day, children can leave many toys lying around. Children take many toys out of the basket at the same time so that they put more than they need, and this can sometimes cause you to step on them or even trip over them. You can get rid of this situation right away if you want to clean up the place with the blanket baskets you will have in the children’s rooms and in the living room. In other words, it is possible to maintain elegance and comfort together.

If you want to remove the clutter, you can fill the toys in the basket near you. You can put a lot of toys in it. Besides, if you choose the ones that are fitted with a lid, you can prevent the messy look of baskets themselves. Thanks to different size options of blanket baskets, their usage areas can extend, and as a feature of gathering toys in it was one of them as well.

Our fourth suggestion is to maintain the hygiene of blankets. Especially during winter days, we want to keep the blankets close to us and this can be a problem to keep them clean. During the day, skin rashes, dust in the air, dust in the room due to the window left open constantly increases and spreads all around, and blankets can accumulate them on the fabric. It is possible to avoid this situation with blanket baskets.

When you are not using, you can put your blankets by folding them into the blanket baskets, which offer comfort in use with both the elegance it provides and being near you. Instead of lifting the blankets to the cabinets and making them inaccessible, you can increase the efficiency you get from the products with this kind of solution. By doing this, you can keep your blankets away from dust and dirt, and also help them to be clean and fresh.

Another use proposal is an alternative that we created by taking advantage of the wealth that comes from the measurements of these baskets. There are those who use many large salon plants in the living rooms, but sometimes it can become difficult to match their pots into harmony with other items in the house. If you care about design and elegance in your living room, blanket baskets can help you at this point. For example, it can be quite difficult to find a pot made of wicker material instead of porcelain to capture a bohemian room atmosphere. What you need to do to turn this situation in your favor is very simple. You can place your pot into the appropriate-sized blanket basket so you can find a very elegant fit with your room.

The use of blanket baskets as pot covers, especially for large hall flowers, can be recommended. If you have smaller plants, you can have a look at the smaller basket varieties. It is possible to apply the same design idea to them as well. You can use some of the blanket baskets that you put together with small and large options to store your blankets, and some of them as pot cases, so you can add a new one to your unique design ideas that your friends will admire. As well as a contribution to home decoration, the contribution of blanket baskets for use in other areas is quite large.

Another of the suggestions we made about the use of blanket baskets is that these baskets are open to using again and again; in other words, they are reusable products. These baskets can be made of using many different materials, and many are designed to be long-lasting. Unlike other plastic baskets with its open to using again, you can easily clean it and avoid the ugly appearance of plastic.

Plastic products do harm rather than add richness to the design of the rooms. If you care about its style as well as its use, we recommend that you choose wicker, bamboo, or metal products rather than plastic. Speaking of cleaning, for example, if you have a cloth basket and the usage instructions mention the washing option, it is also possible to wash these baskets in your washing machine. You can also clean the basket with a damp cloth. You can easily clean the basket while keeping the blanket in the basket clean and fresh. This way, you have both long-lasting baskets and blankets.

Another positive feature that is provided by the ease of use and convenient size is that we can also use blanket baskets in bathrooms as well. We often find it difficult to find some space for our large size towels in the bathrooms. It is very important to keep towels clean and hygienic. Especially in the spacious bathrooms, you can also use baskets that can adapt to your decoration. With these baskets, you can place large towels in baskets by folding them instead of hangers on the back of the door, and by doing so you can give them a more pleasant appearance.

Another product you can place in these baskets is rolls of toilet paper. Keeping these rolls out of the water is crucial but keeping them in their plastic bag can create a pretty ugly image. You can eliminate these problems with the blanket baskets you will put in your bathroom. You can use blanket baskets to store towels and toilet paper in your bathroom. In this way, your toilet paper will not get wet, and your towels will not accumulate on the hangers stacked on top of each other and you will keep them clean.

If you have a basket made of the mat, this can cause the toilet paper to tear, you can sew a piece of fabric into the basket to prevent this. You can also ensure the hygiene of the basket by washing the fabric that you sew into the basket. If it is to eliminate the image of a basket that has accumulated toilet paper in it, you can buy lidded baskets.

Another use suggestion is for those houses with minimal decoration, or for the ones who are looking for the use of multifunctionality of products. For those who have adopted minimalism, it is very important that a product has more than one purpose of use, in such cases, the functions of household goods that seem unnecessary should be well reviewed and then purchased. If you choose blanket baskets made of sturdy material with cover, you can also use them for sitting purposes.

These containers, which both serve as storage and solve the problem when it is necessary to make extra space for guests coming home, will also add elegance to the design of the rooms. But if your goal is to use those baskets only for the purpose of sitting down, I have to underline that you should make sure that the inside of these baskets is full, and I have to say, be very careful that they must be made of solid material because no one wants to sit down and break the basket or fall and hurt themselves.

Furthermore, it’s also possible to return blanket baskets in your home to a bed for your pet. Pets, especially cats, enjoy having their own space, and finding a mattress that can fit their size can sometimes be challenging. You might want to consider buying blanket baskets for that matter. You can place a small pillow or a few layers of fabric inside the splayed blanket baskets and turn it into a bed for your cat or dog.

Another usage suggestion is about the storage aspects of these baskets. If you’re a knitter, pretty sure that hiding yarns and knitting needles have become a problem. We both want them to be around our living areas, where we spend most of the day like the living room, and also to keep them away from a messy image. It is also possible to use blanket baskets for this purpose, which provide a variety of usage with the size of their size. You can keep your knitting magazines, sewing sets, knitting wools, and whatever else you can think of.

A few ideas about how baskets should be positioned in your home are also about their size. If you have large blanket baskets that are low in height, you can put them under the bed in your bedroom. Having handles around the edges will give a different style to your bed as well as ease of use. If you have high-depth baskets, especially circular ones, you can position them in the corner of your living room. If your basket has a lid, you can put it next to the seat and when you want, you can put your feet on it. Again, it is important to choose a basket with a lid if you do not want to see the mess in the basket, or you can remove the messy image by placing it under your bed.

What Is the History of Blanket Basket?

The name of the blanket basket is conceptually derived from a special form of use of the basket, so to learn the history of the blanket basket, one must first understand the history of the basket. The history of the blanket baskets dates back to the first invention of the basket. The oldest known basket was found in Eastern Europe around 27000 BC. The purpose of the first baskets was to contain something. These baskets were made in very large sizes and were made for use in agriculture during harvest. In these baskets, things like fruits, vegetables, seeds were carried.

The construction of baskets in many shapes and sizes made people’s lives easier in those years and they have started to use them outside of agricultural activities. They have made changes in their material over time. For example, in 8000 B.C., baskets made using the weaving technique were found for the first time in the Middle East, which tells us that people changed tools according to their preferences in the very early years. When you go to a museum today, you can find dozens of kinds of baskets that are basically just a basket but people use to address their different needs. One of these needs was to make an area where babies could sleep.

The life of the migrants, in particular, was constantly on the move, and that’s why it was very important to adapt their lives to it, so much so that it was very important for the items they used. In ancient times, it is possible to observe that babies’ cribs were also basket-shaped. There are also variations, with wool and a few pieces of fabric placed inside the baskets, made of cribs for babies that they can sleep in and carry, even with wheels.

Although it is not known exactly when people started using baskets specifically as blanket baskets, it is certain that baskets have existed for a long time in human life. From agriculture to decoration, from cradle to cleaning, baskets have been tools that people have used for years.

What Types of Blanket Baskets Are There?

There are many types of blanket baskets that can be obtained using materials such as trees, grass, or cane. For example, willow and palm trees are widely used in basket making, also bamboo is a plant known for its durability, which is used in the making of baskets. Some baskets are mass-produced by machines, while others can be made by hand processing. You may not find any kind of blanket basket in the country you are in, this may be due to the preference of manufacturers to use local materials. Local products make it unique to that region and this helps turn it into tourist objects.

People produce baskets by using several techniques, and one of them is woven types of blanket baskets. This is a very widely used type, and you can find those wicker baskets so easily. Wicker is not a material but rather a manufacturing style, by using it people give different shapes to the baskets. Furthermore, there are also rattan blanket baskets. Unlike wicker, rattan is a material that is obtained from rattan palm tree, and compared to wicker it is more durable and versatile. In the production of wicker baskets, materials such as bamboo, rattan, or seagrass can be used.

In addition to these tree-based baskets, you can find blanket baskets that feel much closer to the fabric texture of the bird. For example, you can find baskets using polyester material. Polyester is a man-made synthetic polymer variant that you cannot found in nature. You can find a variety of colors and patterns in polyester baskets.

You can also find baskets made of cotton as an alternative to polyester. Even if your basket is not made entirely made of cotton, you can choose the handle parts of cotton. The ones that are made with a braided style of cotton ropes have a stylish look as well. Unlike cotton, there are also baskets with the wool mixture. There are also baskets made from natural fabrics.

If you are after different design ideas, you can also choose metal baskets. Since the gaps in the metal baskets are larger, they are not much preferred for storing small items, but they will not pose a problem for blankets. You can choose silver, gold, or rose colors for metal baskets. Plastic baskets are also available.

In addition to being able to use as baskets in the appropriate colors for children’s rooms, if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of plastic, you can also use “do it yourself” ideas that you can get from videos, or blog posts to reflect your own style on the baskets. By adding your own ideas, you can easily make the baskets suitable for the decoration of your room. You can easily apply new decoration ideas by intertwining the ropes together from bottom to top, to learn more about this you can watch videos. All you need to color solid color baskets are ropes in a few colors, and in addition, you can put floral or animal patterns on them.

Five Most Exclusive Blanket Baskets on the Amazon Website

Large Elephant Laundry Basket Wicker Storage Baskets with Lids 18-inch Woven Plant Basket Storage Basket for Blankets Kids Cloth Home Decoration Gift

This blanket basket is a very suitable option for children’s rooms, especially with the elephant figure on it. If you want to know the price, it’s 149.00 dollars. The use of this basket, which is made of wicker is also quite extensive. You can store towels, dirty laundry, toys, blankets, and even more in this basket. This product, which is quite high quality, is handmade. Also, having a lid that covers things inside brings many advantages.

If you would like to have a closer look at to the product, here is the link for you:

Laundry Basket – Large 45 42 cm Woven Rope Basket for Baby Blanket Kid’s Toy Bathroom (Color: Gray, Size: Large)

The main material of this blanket basket which is made by the weaving technique is cotton. This basket, where the ropes are arranged on top of each other with a special technique, has two different options as Small: 32x36CM, Large: 52x45cm. If you want to know the price of the product, it costs $125.98. There are also two different colors, grey and blue. It is also quite extensive in terms of usage spaces. You can use it in many areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

If you would like to have a closer look at to the product, here is the link for you:

Carl Artbay Laundry Basket Storage Boxes Ramie Cotton Fabric Storage Container Storage Clothes Blanket (Color: Green, Size: Small+Large)

This blanket basket is just for those looking for minimal and functional features. This product is made of polyester and helps you to keep the items inside very well thanks to the cover on it as well as the very little space cover. This may be exactly the option you need, especially if you’re looking for a basket to place under the bed. If you want to know the price of this blanket basket with beige, green, brown, and gray options, it costs $122.58.

If you would like to have a closer look at to the product, here is the link for you:

Laundry Basket Storage Boxes Ramie Cotton Fabric Storage Container Storage Clothes Blanket For Clothes/Books/Toys/DVDs Washing Laundry Organization With Lids ( Color: Beige, Size: 503025cm )

The dimensions of this product, which has a lot in common with the previous option, are 50x30x25cm. Likewise, unlike this basket, which you can find in shades of Yesil, brown, grey, and beige, there are 2 caps. The material is made of cotton and linen. You can also use this product in your living room. Thanks to the covers on it, it can easily store the clutter inside. If you are interested in its price, it costs $97.72.

If you would like to have a closer look at to the product, here is the link for you:

SusNa Lifestyle Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket Set| Tassel Handles Decorative Storage Basket| Organizer for Blankets, Towels, Pillows, Toy, Laundry, Baby, Kids, Home Décor| Brown and Black, 2 Set

Our last option is for people who are looking for distinctive and decorative styles. The wicker-style seagrass was used in the manufacturing of this basket, which has a very unique style. These baskets are sold in two sizes as Medium (11” L x 11”w x 11” H) and Large (Opening Diameter 37 cm / 14 inches, the largest diameter is 40 cm/ 15.75 inches, Height 14.5”). This product is manufactured by manual labor with a local Vietnamese Artizan. The price is quite reasonable compared to this basket because this basket with a solid structure is quite long-lasting. These unique baskets cost $79.00.

If you would like to have a closer look at to the product, here is the link for you:

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