About Savaş Ateş


My name is Savaş Ateş. My curiosity and love for the blankets developed when my mother covered us with different types of blankets at the time we slept in different temperatures. My mother used to buy such beautiful blankets that I would admire almost all of them. Some of them would attract my attention with their different designs. Some of them drew my interest in keeping cool in summer and warm in winter, depending on the material used.

When my mother went shopping to buy new blankets for our summer house, she took me with her. Then, in the blankets she would buy, I directed her to buy the blankets I wanted. After a while, I was not satisfied because the blanket I made my mother bought was not made of quality material. However, I could not admit this to my mother.
After this incident, I assigned it to myself to learn more about blankets.

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